5 Most Haunted Places in Gurgaon

Gurgoan or Gurugram, also known as the millennium city has shown splendid growth in the past couple of decades. Located in the National Capital Region, the place is home to a lot of multinational companies due to which plenty of aspiring youth flock in numbers in search of excelling careers. What many people, who are new to the city, are unaware about is that within this busy city are some really spooky places which are filled with horror. The locals have reported many odd happenings during night. If such incidents thrill you, then here are 5 Most Haunted Places in Gurgaon and the frightening stories surrounding them which will leave you absolutely baffled.

1. Saffron BPO Gurgaon

The dreadful story of Saffron BPO begins from the fact that it was constructed on a graveyard. People say that there was an employee in the BPO who was very smart and proficient in her work. She took a long break from here work all of a sudden after she had a long phone call one night. When she didn’t turn up for work after several days, her coworkers enquired about her and adding to their worries, she was reported to be dead a few months ago. This created a stir among the people and the name of Saffron BPO is feared ever since.

2. Sector 9, Dwarka

Metro Station, Photo by Varun Shiv Kapur, CC BY 2.0

An old peepal tree which resides on the road of Sector 9, Dwarka is said to be the cause of many paranormal activities. Peepal trees are considered to be sacred by Hindus and people who pass through this place quote incident of seeing strange faces and figures appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the night. Employees who pull a long shift at night and cab drivers fear passing through this area during late night. Many people claim to have witnessed a woman chasing them when they turn back and have a look.

3. Ashok Vihar Flyover

Mysterious incidents have taken place here at Ashok Vihar Flyover which people say suggests the existence of ghosts. People who take this route often claim to have lost their way and roam around the place struggling to get on the right track. They cannot seem to find the right exit until the next morning. Many travelers have reported that they have met a woman asking for assistance and if they stop, then they get lost until sunrise.

4. Gurgaon-Mehrauli Road

Gurgaon Mehrauli route is a noisy one during the day with cars rattling up and down the road. But as the night sets in, this road becomes a nightmare for taxi drivers and workers who pass by on their way back home. The drivers report seeing a disfigured and scary woman who appears on the road. With a long tongue and eyes that pop up, the tales among the people who claim to have been witnesses are really odd and terrifying. The road here is a little low on visibility due to the numerous bends and dim light at night. Unknown faces darting out in the middle of the road thus adds to the eerie incidents that happen here.

5. Sector 15, Gurgaon

Winter season in NCR makes the roads foggy and a late night drive through the road is a nightmare for the drivers. Added to this, the supernatural activities that have been reported in Sector 15 scares the passers-by. People cite a car passing by them with a high speed. The ones who chase the car have a bad fate crashing on the barricades. Travelers say that the ghostly car appears for a moment and then disappear to distract the drivers and divert their attention, hurling their lives into danger.

If any of these reported incidents do not scare you, then you must take a trip on your own and experience the silent nights through the mysterious streets of Gurgaon. It will definitely be an unnerving adventure for all the curious young men out there. We all grow up listening to stories about haunted places and if you have always supressed the curiosity to visit one, then it’s time to explore the unexplored!

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