Top 10 Resorts in Gurgaon

Westin Sohna Resort and Spa

Gurgaon is an industrial and finance area and a hub of service industries. It is situated in the state of Haryana. Gurgaon is the only city of India where the majority of Fortune 500 companies have set up their regional offices. It is highly modernised and is very active in its social lifestyle. The recent development in the form of Metro has helped increase productivity.

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10 Wonderful Weekend Getaways from Gurgaon

Neemrana Fort Palace

A weekend brings with it immense opportunities for taking out time for yourself and pampering yourself to your heart’s desire. Gurgaon, the happening spot in Delhi NCR is filled with such opportunities, be it the swanky new restaurants or the stylish night clubs. However, for those of you who wish to experience a 360-degree change, from the monotonous weekday to an adventurous weekend – plan a weekend getaway to the nearest spot in India. With a wide variety of resorts, cities and heritage hotels designed exclusively to address your desires- embrace the comforts of these destinations on the next weekend.

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5 Most Haunted Places in Gurgaon

Gurgoan or Gurugram, also known as the millennium city has shown splendid growth in the past couple of decades. Located in the National Capital Region, the place is home to a lot of multinational companies due to which plenty of aspiring youth flock in numbers in search of excelling careers. What many people, who are new to the city, are unaware about is that within this busy city are some really spooky places which are filled with horror. The locals have reported many odd happenings during night. If such incidents thrill you, then here are 5 Most Haunted Places in Gurgaon and the frightening stories surrounding them which will leave you absolutely baffled.

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Top 5 Churches in Gurgaon

The industrial hub of India, Gurgaon or Gurugram is a charming urban city in the state of Haryana. Called the “Millenium City”, the region is of historical significance ever since the ancient rule of the Rajputs. Coined after a Sanskrit word from the Hindu mythological epic of Mahabharata, Gurgaon stems from “Gurugram” meaning village of the Guru, a name which has returned to use since early this year. Bordered by the capital city of Delhi, the city boasts of culturally important landmarks that promote and offer activities one can enjoy. Places of worship are also aplenty. Hinduism being the prominent religion, the city also comprises of several churches and mosques. Enumerated here are 5 of the best churches in Gurgaon one can go for experiencing some peace and get in touch with one’s conscience.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Gurgaon (Gurugram)

There are times when the night or day sky is no home and all you need to do is break the shackles that force you to stay indoors. Although, Gurgaon is fully equipped with the world’s leading multinational companies but the overwhelming bustle of corporate life can break your bones and knock you down at times. There will be times when juggling between work life and household chores will get on your nerves. So, here we graciously provide you with places to visit in Gurgaon so that the region, which is a microcosm of dynamism and dysfunction doesn’t bother you much!

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