Top 5 Churches in Gurgaon

The industrial hub of India, Gurgaon or Gurugram is a charming urban city in the state of Haryana. Called the “Millenium City”, the region is of historical significance ever since the ancient rule of the Rajputs. Coined after a Sanskrit word from the Hindu mythological epic of Mahabharata, Gurgaon stems from “Gurugram” meaning village of the Guru, a name which has returned to use since early this year. Bordered by the capital city of Delhi, the city boasts of culturally important landmarks that promote and offer activities one can enjoy. Places of worship are also aplenty. Hinduism being the prominent religion, the city also comprises of several churches and mosques. Enumerated here are 5 of the best churches in Gurgaon one can go for experiencing some peace and get in touch with one’s conscience.

1. Church of Immaculate Conception

A beautiful little church located in Sector 45 in Gurgaon is the Church of Immaculate Conception. A tall red brick edifice, the church’s modern architecture blends well with the simply and tastefully decorated interior. With the availability of parking space, spacious praying hall and a comfortable ambiance, the church is not only a well-utilized construction but a serene site to be at peace with oneself. Hosting various activities and keeping the spirit of Christianity alive in the community, this church is more like a big family.

2. Living Sanctuary Church

Founded in 2007, the Living Sanctuary Church makes helping people its first and foremost priority. Its founders Agnelo and Nicola Xavier promote the word of gospel through good deeds like distributing clothes and food to the needy and encourage others to do the same. Their uplifting thoughts and kindness makes this church a wonderful site to visit to wish for good deeds for everyone. A calm ambiance is felt in the church which provides an ideal environment to pray and to let spirituality seep into our senses.

3. All Nations Disciples Fellowship (ANDF) Church

A diverse group gathered to “knowing God intimately and reach out to nations”, the ANDF church is located in Sushant Lok – I in Gurgaon. Also hosting a number of spiritual activities throughout the week at various locations like prayer meetings, youth fellowship, bible studies etc., the church is very active and always abuzz with lively activities throughout the year, encouraging people to join in the gatherings.

4. St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church

Founded in 1994, the simple edifice of St. Thomas Mar Thoma church stands in the Sheetla Mata Colony in Gurgaon. Providing guidance to all its members, the church actively organizes several activities that encourage spirituality among all people. A warm and tranquil atmosphere is felt in the church which welcomes everyone in it in the name of Christ.

5. Evangelical Church of India (ECI)

One of the fastest growing churches of India, the Evangelical Church in Gurgaon was established in 1999. Part of a much larger congregation, the ECI church society was started in 1941. Now with more than a thousand churches in the country, ECI at Gurgaon aims to “identify, disciple and transform the receptive people groups who are ready to hear the Gospel”. The church invites everyone to be anointed and get healed by the word of Christ. Located in Sheetla Colony of Gurgaon, Evangelical Church is actually a Tamil church originally established by the Oriental Missionary Society or OMS in Japan.

Christianity is believed to have been introduced in India even before its advent in most of the European nations. Now significant in south and east India, the christian population constitutes 2.3 percent of India’s demographic and continues to grow. Giving rise to beautiful structures all over the country, the religion is now seeped deeply in the nature of the Indian people. These 5 churches describe the best spiritual experience offered in the hustling-bustling city of Gurgaon.

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