5 Best Houseboats in Kerala

The lush greenery as long as the eye can see and the calming ambience as we glide over the surface of water is what makes the stay on houseboats a memorable one. Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is famous all over the country for its crisscrossing backwaters and serene houseboat experiences. The backwater over which houseboats float, spreads into a larger area where fishes jump around and birds glide over. Let’s look into some of the best houseboats to stay in and enjoy the beautiful experience in Kerala.

1. Prasanthy Houseboats

Prasanthy Houseboats
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One of the most famous houseboat services in Alleppey is the Prasanthy Houseboats. With a great many deals and packages, there is a range of options for visitors to choose from. They also have options to choose the number of bedrooms required thus making it quite appealing for both a small and large group of members to stay in. The gracious staff and the mouth-watering local food prepared by the chef during the stay make it an amazing experience on the whole indeed!

2. Carnival Houseboats

Carnival Houseboats
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An experience in the Carnival houseboats is one which is not to be missed. The luxurious interior settings of the houseboat with its spacious bathrooms, comfortable rooms, filtered water for drinking and other purposes add to the great experience of visiting Allaphuzha. The feel of total peacefulness as we sit back and relax while passing through the coastline is one which has to be experienced be everyone.

3. Kumarakom Houseboats

Kumarakom Houseboats
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Kumarakom houseboat service does justice to their name by guiding visitors throughout the sceneries and day-to-day activities of Kumarakom. A stay in this houseboat is a great experience with the delicious local cuisine and snacks provided by the caretakers. The local palm fringed coastlines, villages, temple and church can be seen as the boat moves through the peaceful backwaters. The true nature of the region can be enjoyed from here.

4. KV Houseboats

KV Houseboats
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A comfortable houseboat experience is guaranteed by KV Houseboats. They take visitors throughout the wide expanse of waterways with great ease, while looking after their needs. The chef will even prepare the kind of food that visitors require. The stopping at the local markets around enables visitors to buy whatever they require. Cooked fish being enjoyed while taking in the smell and feel of the water around the region is an experience of a lifetime.

5. Pournami Houseboats

Pournami Houseboats
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One of the best houseboats for a satisfying trip is the Pournami Houseboats. The great facilities with even greater hospitable staff make the trip complete. With scrumptious food being served and a totally relaxing environment being provided, the houseboat is the perfect place to unwind and have great fun.

The beautiful ambience of the ‘Venice of the East’ makes it a must visit for travel junkies and anyone looking to have a great time. The stay in a houseboat under the starry sky with water gurgling all around is a mesmerizing feeling which has to be experienced.

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