Panchavati Hills, Rangat

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: Scenery, Serenity, Beauty
  • Entrance Fee: No fee as it is a public spot.
  • Visiting Time: Sunrise to Sunset (Daily)
  • Visit Duration: 1 hour to 2 hours

The Panchavati Hills is a mesmerizing location which showcases the total beauty of nature. It is located in the dainty island of Rangat in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Situated at about 200 kilometers from the capital of the island, Port Blair, this spot is easily reachable by a good road network. Widely famous all over the country for its immense and alluring natural beauty, this place attracts a large number of international and local tourists for the serenity and the calm atmosphere that it embodies. The prime attraction of this locality is its breath-taking waterfall that falls down from a good height and gushes through the stony area. The lively and vivid colors of the place complement the fishing and agriculture which carried out in the locality. Consisting of people who have settled down from the southern states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala, this place has a culture which is similar to theirs.

Traveler Tips

  • Carry extra clothes if you are planning on dipping into the waters of the waterfall.
  • Wear light clothing to keep up with the humidity around the area.
  • To enjoy trekking, wear good and comfortable shoes.

Things to Do

  • Trek around in the lush greenery which is present all around the area.
  • Photograph some really great shots with the vivid colors which surround the location and complement the clicks.
  • Visit the farms around the area to get an idea of the local produce and the methods of farming that they follow.
  • Engage in some fishing along with the local people and get to know the types of fishes in and around the area along with the fishing techniques.
  • Swim and engage in water sports at the nearby beaches.
  • Buy some produce and products from the local people to immerse yourself in their culture.
  • Have great fun at the waterfalls by dipping into its cool and refreshing waters.
  • Get to know the authentic taste of the area by eating out at the restaurants which provide authentic and ethnic local dishes.

Availability of Guides

The best way to visit the islands would be by booking a package by some reputed travel agency as they make sure that all the major sites are covered. This is mostly a recreational spot where the waterfall is visited and hence there is no need for guides.

Best Time to Visit

The islands, due to their proximity to the sea, undergo very less climatic changes and have almost a constant climate throughout the year. The mild and pleasant climate which is present throughout the year, is another reason why there are a lot of tourists visiting the spot. The monsoons can be heavy and utilized for sightseeing rather than engaging in some kind of sport activities, while the summer and the winter months are great to engage in all kinds of activities and roaming around.

How to Reach

The Panchavati Hills are present in the Rangat islands, which are about 200 kilometers away from the capital and are present in the Middle Andaman region. It is connected to Port Blair by a good road network and hence can be reached by public transport like buses or auto rickshaws. Cabs and bikes are also other ways to reach the spot.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about the Panchavati Hills

  • The culture which is seen around the area is something which is well influenced by the southern states of India.
  • The main means of livelihood of the local people are agriculture and fishing.
  • The prime attraction, that is the waterfalls, are located in an area which is difficult to access easily.

Nearby Attractions

  • Cutbert Bay Beach
  • Yeretta Creek
  • Moricedara Beach
  • Dhani Nallah
  • Amkunj Beach

Nearby Restaurants

  • Milky Way
  • Light House Residency

The Panchavati Hills are the epitome of nature’s exquisite and true beauty. With an allure which cannot be resisted and an aura which refreshes the body and the soul, this spot is the right place to visit in order to view life from a different perspective and enjoy the holiday to the utmost.

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