Top 10 Resorts in Manesar to Enjoy with Friends

Although Manesar isn’t on every traveller’s bucket list, this small industrial town on the borders of Delhi might just prove to be your next weekend getaway spot. There won’t be many sights to see or natural wonders to explore in the undersized region that is Manesar, there are also some really great resorts where you can holiday with your family and friends. Most people in Delhi like to escape from the noisy capital city of India to Manesar and have a great time with their friends. Here are some of the best resorts of Manesar where your buddies and you can have a great weekend.

1. Club Awara Holiday Resort

Club Awara Holiday Resort
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The serene environment and worry-free atmosphere of Club Awara Holiday Resort in Manesar awaits you with open arms. Head over for a relaxing time with a dash of activities like commando net, rope walking, flying fox, jumaring, and other such adventurous stuff, along with a little bit of indoor activities as well to cool down your hot-headed brain. Take a stroll on the green or lay low in the pool, there’s much you can indulge in while at Club Awara.

2. Camp Mustang

Camp Mustang
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You can bring out the inner adventure-lover in you that had been hidden away during your busy week, for at Camp Mustang, there are a lot of amazing things you can do. This includes Burma bridge, cycling, archery, commando net, air gun shooting, rock climbing, trekking and what not. It’s all enough to let your heart leap in excitement and at the same time you’d be able to have a laidback time at the numerous accommodations like tents, standard rooms, suites etc. You can pick anything to meet your standards.

3. Heritage Village Resort and Spa

Heritage Village Resort and Spa
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A resort that will give you the feeling of being in a traditional Rajasthani haveli right in Manesar is the Heritage Village Resort and Spa. What more could you ask for when you’ve got a royal treatment headed your way while you have a calming time in the therapeutic spa centre of this resort? With multi-cuisine restaurants, a poolside retreat area, outdoor diners, and a landscape of fresh green gardens that are nothing short of rejuvenating. You’d feel like you’re living in a Rajasthani mansion like a king.

4. Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort

Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort
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If luxury is your cup of tea and golf is what you’d love to do on a weekend, Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort is the perfect choice for all your wishes to come true. You’ve got a variety of rooms to choose from, be it studio apartments or lavish suites, Tarudhan has it all. Plus, activities like archery, a spa, bar and restaurant, an expansive golf course and some delectable delights in the restaurants of this resort have made it the ideal choice for a weekend getaway from the bustling Delhi.

5. Golden Turtle Farm Resort

Golden Turtle Farm Resort
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One of the most famous resorts in Manesar is the Golden Turtle Farm Resort. You can customize your stay at Golden Turtle Farm to make sure it suits your requirements and standards. Various packages are available for customers to choose from, and you wouldn’t be disappointed with the kind of hospitality that the staff at Golden Turtle Farm provide so generously. Add to that a football field, a large swimming pool and indoor and outdoor games, there’s nothing else you could ask for.

6. Western Resort Country Club

Western Resort Country Club
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Another one of Manesar’s tourist favourite and preferred by Delhi locals is the Western Resort Country Club, which is known for its lavish treatment to guests. With wonderful amenities like a children’s playground, luxury pool, water slides, suites, a gym, spa and indoor and outdoor gaming facilities are just a touch of how great the service at Western Resort truly is. Multi-cuisine restaurants serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food are the popular part of Western Resort.

7. Wet ‘N’ Wild Resort

Wet ‘N’ Wild Resort
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You can get yourself plunged into the adventurous pool that comes with twisting slides in the Wet N Wild Resort of Manesar, where your adventurous self is guaranteed to have a perfect time. Dine in a wooden hut, have an outdoor barbecue, jump into the exciting pool and lounge on the landscape of garden at Wet N Wild. Here you can find the utmost exotic and exploratory time during your stay.

8. Paradise Green Resort

Paradise Green Resort
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Manesar takes pride in its amazing resorts, and Paradise Green Resort is definitely one of them. Amenities and hospitality that is unmatched, a pretty environment and soothing ambience along with accommodations for one and all, Paradise Green is everything you were looking for. You can choose from the variety of rooms available at Paradise Green to suit your standards, and hopefully, the great interior and pretty exterior are sure to keep you rooted in this relaxing spot during your weekend of utter tranquillity and calmness.

9. Surjivan Resort

Surjivan Resort
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Escaping the chaos of Delhi and running out to Manesar would never be better if you weren’t staying at Surjivan Resort for your getaway time. The resort undertakes activities full of fun and adventure for its guests, giving you the chance to indulge in something absolutely fantastic. Games of traditional Indian descent, indoor and outdoor activities, village safari, archery, camel riding, shooting, zorbing, rappelling, wall climbing, rock climbing, flying fox, hot air ballooning and many other such amazing activities are organized by Surjivan Resort. You can rest assured that Surjivan will provide you the best time of your weekend.

10. Aapno Ghar Resort

Aapno Ghar Resort
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What feels like home away from home outside of the boisterous capital of Delhi? Why, Aapno Ghar Resort in Manesar, of course. There is nothing but luxury and opulence coupled with an ambience like no other and treatment that you’d feel like you’re a regal at Aapno Ghar. A children’s playground, indoor and outdoor games, swimming pool etc. is all right here in Aapno Ghar where you can enjoy with your buddies and take part in activities that you’d truly enjoy. Aapno Ghar will promise to give you and yours friends the weekend you truly deserve.

If you’re also one of those young adventurers caught in the middle of a hectic weekend in Delhi, the aforesaid resorts are sure to take all of your stress right out of you, and they’re just a drive away! So, pack up your bags and gather your friends to have a laid-back time outside of Delhi.

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