10 Best Resorts in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the capital of the rich, vibrant and vivacious state of Gujarat is a prime tourist destination for one and all. Be it cultural deepness or natural diversity, Ahmedabad has an abundance of temptations for its guests. A commercial and industrial hub, Ahmedabad offers a surreal taste of Gujarat in its forts, temples and architecture. The humble abode of the Father of our Nation, you can also visit Gandhi’s ashram and reconnect with India’s pre-colonial past.

Take a trip in this exceptional city of west India and insert a stay at these 10 resorts between the sightseeing. These resorts would surely rejuvenate your senses and help make your vacation even more delightful.

1. Palm Greens Club

Palm Greens Club
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A worthy resort located few kilometres away from Ahmedabad, Palm Greens Club is a perfect holiday getaway for you and your loved ones. The best thing about this place is their in-house water park, a small aqua recreational area complete with slides and a lot of splashes! The resort also houses its own movie theatre and a well-renowned spa, giving you the ultimate hotel experience. And that is not all, the resort also organises numerous festivals and concerts to lift your spirits even higher. Visit here for a fun and frolic resort stay.

2. Gulmohar Greens Golf and Country Club

Gulmohar Greens Golf and Country Club
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A 75-acre golf course, beautiful greenery and spacious rooms, Gulmohar Greens Golf and Country Club is an eye-pleasing paradise. A symphony of blues and greens, the open and commodious architecture of the resort will uplift your senses and make you feel rejoiced. The resort also organises tree plantation drives to keep the lush greenery of the place alive.

3. Madhuban Resorts & Spa

Madhuban Resorts & Spa
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Another one of the many serenading resorts of Ahmedabad, the Madhuban Resorts & Spa is a rejuvenating haven for all ages. Its original spa treatment with naturopathy cures your senses with the wisdom derived from nature. The resort has a sprawling swimming pool with a sky-blue reflecting surface that is going to make it hard to step out once you slip into its captivating waters.

4. Radhe Upavan Resort

Radhe Upavan Resort
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A quaint and rustic resort with well-decorated rooms and contemporary furnishing, the Radhe Upavan Resort is a must-visit resort. Looking traditional from the outdoors, the interiors house all the modern amenities you need for your leisure. The resort offers options to dine indoors, on the gardens or by the pool side to give you beautiful views as you much on their delicacies.

5. Greenwoods Lake Resort & Spa

Greenwoods Lake Resort & Spa
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A wondrous estate of big palm trees, graceful rooms with even more elegant interiors, the Greenwoods Lake Resort makes you feel like you’re staying at a beach resort. The mammoth swimming pool is where you would be spending most of your time owing to its gorgeous atmosphere and clean, blue waters. And if the pool was not enough, the resort has a man-made lake that offers boat rides to its guests. Stay close to the refreshing waters or head inside for some friendly games with your loved ones.

6. Club Kensville Gold Resort

Club Kensville Gold Resort
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Here is one resort that is designed for the golfer in you. A scenic golf resort, it provides you with a golf cart and a caddy as well. Its grass cover feels like a endless sea of green that touches your very soul. Enjoy some intimate moments in Club Kensville Gold Resort of Ahmedabad.

7. Boulevard 9

Boulevard 9
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Boulevard 9 is a luxurious resort in the bustling city of Ahmedabad. A well-designed edifice, the resort’s speciality lies in its food. World-class cuisines prepared by chefs that sprinkle their special magic in each dish, it is sure to leave your stomachs full but heart yearning for more. The warm hospitality and soothing spas will make you feel like royalty at this resort.

8. Shanku’s Water World Resort

Shanku's Water World Resort
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An aqua retreat for all adventure lovers, this resort provides a unique experience for you to try. Surrounded by spiral, long and smooth slides, you can splash some water and wash away all your worries. The resort also harbours some wondrous cottages and lawns adorned with interesting patterns. One thing is for certain that a stay at Shanku’s water world will be like no other resort experience.

9. 100 Acres Resort

100 Acres Resort
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Containing a majestic aura in its very name, 100 Acres Resort owns up to its name in terms of the spacious environs it provides. Red roofed cottages surrounded by green grass and manicured lawns will fill your heart up to its brim with joy. Lay back by the pool side on the comfortable seats and enjoy the grand views of your resort.

10. Saffrony Holiday Resort

For a fulfilling holiday experience, head on over to Saffrony Holiday Resort which has everything you could ever ask for under a single roof. A courteous staff welcomes you to experience its delectable cuisine, gorgeous swimming pool, big playground, a friendly game of billiards and an overall comfortable stay. Not only that, the resort offers go-carting and horse riding facilities as well!

A stay in Ahmedabad is a once in a lifetime experience for the culture and nature hungry tourists. Its modern infrastructure coupled with historical relics are a perfect holiday combination. Make the most of your Ahmedabad trip by sojourning in any of these gorgeous resorts.

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