Top 5 Haunted Places in Ahmedabad

Gujarat is by far the most culturally diverse and colorful state of India. This western state has seen all kinds of kings and rulers. Commercialization and industrialization has boosted the economical earnings of the state.

Ahmedabad, the present largest city and former state capital of Gujarat is an essential industrial and tourism hub of the country. Apart from regular tourist places like Sabarmati Ashram, Teen Darwaza, Kankaria Lake, Jama Mosque, Nehru Bridge etc, tourists are now eager to visit some newly famous haunted places here. These places have emerged in the eyes of the public because of some or the other spooky incidents which locals must have encountered.  The most haunted and feared ones among these are mentioned below.

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10 Best Resorts in Ahmedabad

Gulmohar Greens Golf and Country Club

Ahmedabad, the capital of the rich, vibrant and vivacious state of Gujarat is a prime tourist destination for one and all. Be it cultural deepness or natural diversity, Ahmedabad has an abundance of temptations for its guests. A commercial and industrial hub, Ahmedabad offers a surreal taste of Gujarat in its forts, temples and architecture. The humble abode of the Father of our Nation, you can also visit Gandhi’s ashram and reconnect with India’s pre-colonial past.

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Top 5 Things to Do in Ahmedabad

Deemed as one of the best cities to live in, Ahmedabad is the pride of Gujarat. This spacious city is famous for its kite festivals during Uttarayan, and the Navratra celebrations of Ahmedabad are famous throughout India, and even some parts of the world. The largest city of Gujarat is not a title given to Ahmedabad for nothing. It is, in reality, a sprawling city with a population of over 6.3 million, and the seventh largest metropolitan of India. The Sabarmati River flows through this city, giving it a charming appeal overall. Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat is a mere 30 kms from Ahmedabad. Let us take a look at a few things to do when in Ahmedabad.

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10 Enchanting Weekend Getaways From Ahmedabad

The commercial hub of Gujarat and the largest city in the state witnesses a lot of business and monotony in the daily lives. While some are stuck in the stress of the week, the others plan little escape to de-stress themselves. With sanctuaries, religious places and vibrant surroundings – the place gives some easy get-away options. Here is a list of 10 weekend getaway places near Ahmedabad that will break the monotony of daily lives and instil the necessary newness to it.

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations Near Ahmedabad

Honeymoon, the word sends a sense of fantasy and escapism with your loved one. The post marriage romance, the tiny moments of being away in an unknown yet magical land and a bag full of memories, all of these together define a perfect honeymoon. Honeymoon is a vital part of every marriage and needs some extra credits to be focused on. The trip away with your loved one, solace is what you need. Coming up to a perfect destination is equally difficult. Whether hills or beaches, whether royalty or wilderness, a lot of options and none coming to a conclusion. This season surprise your spouse with a perfect destination. Here is a list of 5 perfectly romantic honeymoon destinations near Ahmedabad:

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Top 10 Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Juma Masjid

The largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad also served as the state’s capital till it was moved to Gandhinagar in 1970. The region of Ahmedabad has been populated since the 11th century when it was ruled by the Gurjara-Pratihara Rulers. The land came under the reign of several medieval and pre-modern India dynasties and empires such as the Delhi Sultanate, Mughals, and Marathas and eventually under the British Empire. Ahmedabad was also known as the forefront of the Indian struggle for independence when Mahatama Gandhi established the famous Sabarmati Ashram in 1917. Today Ahmedabad is one of the most developed townships in India and is famous for several tourist attractions and being the financial hub of North-Western India. Here are few of the best tourist attractions in the town of Ahmedabad.

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