Top 5 Haunted Places in Ahmedabad

Gujarat is by far the most culturally diverse and colorful state of India. This western state has seen all kinds of kings and rulers. Commercialization and industrialization has boosted the economical earnings of the state.

Ahmedabad, the present largest city and former state capital of Gujarat is an essential industrial and tourism hub of the country. Apart from regular tourist places like Sabarmati Ashram, Teen Darwaza, Kankaria Lake, Jama Mosque, Nehru Bridge etc, tourists are now eager to visit some newly famous haunted places here. These places have emerged in the eyes of the public because of some or the other spooky incidents which locals must have encountered.  The most haunted and feared ones among these are mentioned below.

1. Gujarat Technological University Campus

A spirit seems to haunt the corridors of GTU campus in Ahmedabad. The security on duty has often complained that they have heard wails of a woman. Sounds of doors opening and shutting on their own and even chairs and tables being thrown around the room have been heard. It is said that even the lifts have seen paranormal activity and the peon has also suffered through mental disturbance. But three years later, no one has still been able to confirm anything or anyone’s presence.

2. Signature Farm

This isolated hang out spot is the eeriest place in all of Ahmedabad. It all started with a group of friends gathering here for a night out. Apparently, there was a bloody mass massacre in the house and those helpless souls still are trapped there. Visitors heard eerie sounds and laughing noises. Even in broad daylight, the farmhouse itself looks very terrifying. Signature Farm is covered with broken statues, a vertically broken statue of Laughing Buddha and figures of horses. Some even say that they heard noises of horses galloping toward them, which sounds pee-in-the-pants spooky.

3. Chandkheda

This neighborhood of Ahmedabad lies on the shore of Sabarmati River. Chandkheda is considered to be the most famous and sought after neighborhood here. It is also an upcoming IT business houses spot. One particular spot here is said to be very haunted. Apparently, there is this tree here, under which if a person goes after nightfall; he will be possessed by the evil spirit residing in the tree. Or you can even dream about your worst nightmares and visions. The tree itself looks very menacing in its appearance.

4. Arham Bungalow

Previously known as Arham Farms, this bungalow’s name is derived from a Jain terminology related to peace and divinity. And yet this bungalow is associated with blood and unrest. The place is owned by a political figure Raju Jirawala. A single, gloomy lane from the main road of Ahmedabad leads here. The original family which lived here was murdered in cold blood and it is said that their souls sill roam about in the bungalow. The area is surrounded by looming grasslands, untended gardens and trees with dry leaves.

5. Akash Ganga, Sola Road

This is a very happening and crowded road in the city of Ahmedabad. On this road, a flat named Akash Ganga is said to be possessed with spirits. The story behind it goes that, three years back, a man bought the flat to shift in it from his old home. The old structure was not very appealing, so he spent a fortune to get the entire house remodeled. After its completion, when the man shifted there, he heard the repeated cries and shouts of a woman, who sounded as if she was being tortured. The sounds were so loud and full of agony that even the neighbors got scared. The man took his family and fled from the building, never to return again.

Spirits, ghosts, afterlife, rebirth, paranormal activities are over talked and over discussed topics. Yet, no one has been able to give fool proof evidence about its existence or even its non existence. We don’t know how your experiences will be once you visit these places, but one thing we are sure of that you will definitely have a thrilling and unique experience. 

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