Top 10 Resorts in Gujarat

Gujarat is a culturally rich paradise with a balanced amalgamation of modernity and diverse religiousness. Be it the beautiful temples, astonishing mosques or the stunning Rann of Kutch, from the simple yet phenomenal Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram to the Gir National Park for wildlife lovers, this state ensures you for a great breathtaking experience. People here not only have a love or their lip-smacking cuisines but also for the colorful celebrations and fun they augment into every festival celebrated here. Finding resorts to stay in Gujarat is quite difficult and we have minimized your time to research by listing the best 10 resorts in Gujarat, so read on to find the top retreats in Gujarat that will add luxury and warmth to your journey.

1. Madhuban Resort & Spa, Anand

Madhuban Resort & Spa, Anand
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This is designed with a classy and elegant look and is popular amongst the local tourists, wedding planners and corporate teams to plan their stay here for a few days or a weekend. Madhuban Resort & Spa has luxury cottages and rooms of different ranges with dazzling interiors, big lawns outside the cottages, a spa for naturopathy and a delectable buffet is there for breakfast which is the best part of holidaying at Madhuban Resort & Spa in Gujarat.

2. Boulevard 9, Nadiad

Boulevard 9, Nadiad
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Boulevard 9 has a blissful ambience with hospitable room service and other stuff for providing a great accommodation. There is a wonderful wellness center, kids’ playground, a 24/7 café and also a foreign exchange unit. This place is all luxurious in itself with spectacular lawns and pools and every in-house service is top rated.

3. The Fern Gir Forest Resort, Gir

The Fern Gir Forest Resort, Gir
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The Fern Gir Forest Resort is located near the striking Hiran River and rooms plus suites are there within lush greenery. It has entertainment zones like spa, pool and also an Amphitheatre. What make this place interesting are the tents with Royal Enfield look and a dining place cum multi cuisine terrace restaurant for the guests enjoy their food with a view of the Hiran River.

4. Vanvaso Resort, Gir National Park

Vanvaso Resort, Gir National Park
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Vanvaso Resort is a wonderful retreat located amidst the wilderness of the Gir National Park. There are cottages for guests, Wi-Fi, Gym, swimming pool plus the resort also organizes bonfire at night with tribal dances. Moreover, it has a dance room with DJ for parties and the stay at this resort is quite lavish and serene with a breezy aura all around.

5. Holiday Village Resort, Gandhidham

Holiday Village Resort, Gandhidham
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Holiday Village Resort is an amazing retreat with all the basic amenities provided to the guests and entertainment activities are also structured. This place has a water park, children friendly activities, a pool, lush gardens and is designed with a village theme which gives a great authentic feel to the place.

6. Regency Lagoon Resort, Rajkot

Regency Lagoon Resort, Rajkot
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Regency Lagoon Resort is a splendid treat with huge villas and is marvelously built. It is for sure has a royal touch to it and with services like, attentive staff and room service, 24/7 restaurants in the resort and many other extra activities are also held in the garden area for entertainment.

7. Gulmohar Greens Golf Club Ltd., Ahmedabad

Gulmohar Greens Golf Club Ltd., Ahmedabad
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An impressively constructed resort, Gulmohar Greens Golf Club is an eye candy for golf lovers and also for those who love to relax close to lush greenery. It is one of the most trusted and visited retreats all around Ahmedabad and with beautiful luxurious rooms and regularly organized events for guests is what makes it more interactive as well as interesting.

8. Royal Safari Camp, Bajani

Royal Safari Camp, Bajani
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Royal Safari Camp has an ethnic feel to it and will remind you of the aesthetically brilliant aspect of Gujarat. Cottages are constructed with magnificent Gujarati regional architecture and it also lets you glimpse in the culture of Gujarat through local dances held at night and its wildlife by offering jeep safari so in a way blending these together to present the visitors with an amazing experience.

9. Rann Riders Safari Resort, Dasada

Rann Riders Safari Resort, Dasada
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Another destination with an Indian touch, Rann Riders Safari Resort demonstrates Indian village feel as its setting is Dasada Village itself. But, the facilities are all contemporary with the greenery that surrounds you when you stay here. It also is perfect in showing you Gujarati culture, their cuisines and the welcoming friendly nature they all have.

10. Shanku’s Water World Resort, Mehsana

Shanku’s Water World Resort, Mehsana
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Shanku’s Water World Resort is attractively conceptualized and is an ideal site if you want to have some water entertainment in Gujarat. With a water park, just next to it, this place has pristine rooms and also with Mughal designs, plus is a wonderful place to just rejuvenate and involve oneself in water sports after a tiring expedition in Gujarat.

Hence, these top resorts in Gujarati have an astounding aura through their proximity to nature without compromising with any of the luxurious services. Keep them in your list whenever you visit Gujarat and feel yourself at home and in the lap of both luxury and nature.

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