Top 5 National Parks In Assam

Lying in the north-eastern region of India, Assam is one of the lands comprising of the seven sisters. Blessed richly with diverse flora and fauna, Assam is one of the quaint realms of the nation. Geographically made up of The Eastern Hills of The Northern Himalayas, the Deccan Plateau and The Brahmaputra Plains, Assam has copious forests. With the tropical monsoon rainfall type of climate Assam is one of the greenest states of the country. Because of its profuse forests Assam witnesses ample of rare species that seek shelter in the greens of the nature. Assam has an enormous wildlife that draws a lot of wildlife lovers to this state. Yet on the unexplored side these five national parks of Assam are a must visit.

1. Kaziranga National Park

Photo by Satish Krishnamurthy, CC BY 2.0

One of the most diverse national parks of India, Kaziranga National Park is a home to the one-horned rhinoceroses. Intersected by four major rivers the forest land shows multiple areas with different characteristics and hence housing some of the rarest species of both flora and fauna. Apart from the rhinos the Asian Elephants also find their shelter in the grasslands of Kaziranga National Park. The other inhabitants of the park are tigers, jackal, wild boars, barasingha (swamp deer), leopard cats, monitor lizards and many more. Kaziranga is also known for its vibrant bird life. Birds including Fishing Eagle, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Himalayan Griffon and White-tailed Eagleare easily spotted in the area. Elephant safaris are tipping points of the national park along with it boat safaris and jeep safaris are also available.

2. Manas National Park

Photo by Chandrashekhar Basumatary, CC BY 2.0

Sharing its boundary with Bhutan, Manas National Park lies on the north-eastern side of Assam. Occupying a large area the park is home to an ample of flora and fauna. With the typical tropical monsoon rainfall type of climate the national park houses more than twenty five species that are endangered world-wide. While wild water buffaloes can be spotted here easily, animals like Assam Roofed Turtle, Golden Langoor and Hispid Hare can also be seen along with the rare Pygmy Hog. Manas National Park is also acclaimed to be a World Heritage Site because of the rare biodiversity that confines to this region. With forested slopes of Himalayas and shifting channels of the river Manas makes this conservation a scenic wonder.

3. Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Photo by Travelling Slacker, CC BY 2.0

The wetlands in the district of Tinsukia of Assam consist of the Dibru Saikhowa National Park. Spread in an area of about 340 square km this national park is a home to some of the rare creatures. Because of the patches of the wetlands that are dotted all over the park it witnesses over 500 species of birds, both migratory and local. Species like white-winged duck, marsh babbler, white rumped vulture that are close to extinction seek refuge in this park. Animals like wild water buffalo, Hoolock gibbon, tigers and elephants are also easy to spot here. What attract the tourists to explore this National Park are the common sightings of the Gangetic River Dolphins while on a boat safari.

4. Nameri National Park

Photo by Sankara Subramanian, CC BY 2.0

Sharing its boundary with Arunachal Pradesh and therefore merging with the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Nameri National Park is built up on an area of approximately 200 sq km. Situated in the Eastern Himalayan foothills this park is a heaven for the bird watchers. The Park is also an Elephant reserve. Animals like tiger, Himalayan Black Bear, Wild Boar and Indian Giant Squirrel are its common inhabitants. Birds like Ibis bill, Wreathed horn bill, black stork and Rufous necked hornbill find home here. The National Park also houses the orchids that make it rich in its flora as well.

5. Orang National Park

Banking along the northern shores of the Brahmaputra River, Orang National Park has a strong hold of one-horned rhinos in the region. Being comparatively small in are the park is spread in about 78 sq km. The uniqueness of the park lies in the fact that it houses more than 50 species of fishes and is also rich in fauna. Otters, hog deer, Indian civet, Rhesus macaque, Bengal porcupine, Indian pangolin and Indian fox seek refuge here. Birds like kingfishers, pintails and woodpeckers are a common sight. Beautifully scaling the landforms and water the park has a scenic charm.

Assam is canopied with forests of various kinds and is a home to many animals, birds and the vegetation. Being richly blessed with rare species of flora and fauna, Assam awaits you for getting one with its nature and the co-inhabitants of the ecosystem.

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