Top 5 Places To Visit In Digboi

Digboi is one of the important cities in the state of Assam. It is referred to as the ‘Oil City’ as the country’s first ever oil refinery was established here. Going by the history of the land, its existence dates back to 18th century, the period during which oil was first discovered here. In the year 1867, when the railway tracks were being laid here, oil traces were found and the rest is history.

However, the city is not all about oil. It has various other interesting features as well. You could get some of the best handicrafts in the city. Dolls made from wax are popular here. It is famous for traditional textiles that reflect the culture of the land and you will find them priced reasonably. The oil land still has strong traces of British colonialism in its golf courses and clubs. Digboi is being promoted as a tourist center thanks to the attractions in and around the place and hence if you are here, you are sure to find comfortable guesthouses to accommodate tourists. Given below are the leading 5 places to visit in Digboi.

1. Digboi Oil Refinery

Photo by Subhashish Panigrahi, CC BY-SA 3.0

Digboi Oil Refinery is the first ever oil refinery established in Asia and it ranks amongst the world’s oldest oil refineries. It was established in the year 1901. Over 100 years of age, the refinery produces approximately .65 million metric tonnes oil per annum. The oil refinery stays current by possessing modern technology to produce a wide range of petroleum products namely wax, fuel, bitumen and so on.

2. Margherita

You cannot help but think of tea if you think of Assam. Margherita, a town 14 km away from Digboi in Assam, unfolds for your vision, its lush tea gardens. The town, named after Italy queen, was established in 19th century. Collieries established during the British rule are amongst the chief attractions of the place. Margherita is renowned for plywood factories as well.

3. Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Photo by Rubul Deka, CC BY 2.0

Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary is located 60 km from Digboi. The sanctuary is Assam’s largest wildlife park. Located on the River Brahmaputra’s banks, the sanctuary attracts migratory birds in great numbers. In the year 1999, the sanctuary gained the status of National Park. It also ranks amongst the 19 biodiversity hot spots through out the world. Some of the wild animals seen here include royal Bengal tiger, Indian elephant, leopard, wild buffalo and many more. Some of the migratory birds found here include Bengal florican, white-winged wood duck and spotted billed pelican. With over 300 species of birds including migratory birds, the sanctuary is a haven for bird watchers.

4. Golf Course

You cannot overlook mentioning Golf Course when you talk about Digboi tourism. Golf courses in Assan remind you of British rule in India. Digboi golf course is considered the best in Assam. This 18 hole golf course has seen many tournaments played here. The golf course setting delights your eyes and the very atmosphere is electric.

5. War Cemetry

Photo by Parasamani Bora, CC BY-SA 3.0

Situated 1.5 km from Digboi, War Cemetry is a cruel reminder of the effects of war. In the War Cemetry, rest the souls of warriors who lost their lives during Second World War braving the attack of Japanese. The Cemetry was initially on hill top and subsequent to an earthquake that destructed the Cemetry, it was shifted to the present location.

Digboi in Assam is a strange mix of tea, nature, wild animals, British culture and war. Touring Digboi will surely be a different experience than the regular destinations. If you looking for a relaxed holiday which involves visiting important places and little travel, you will loveall the tourist places in Digboi.

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