Avis Island, Mayabunder

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: Travel, Exploring, Gaining experience, Photography.
  • Entrance Fee: There is no entry fee for travelling to the Avis Island.
  • Visiting Time: All days of the week.
  • Visit Duration: A few hours (2-2.5 hours). The duration of stay also depends on personal interests of travellers.

Tourists who visit Mayabunder make it a point to plan a day in Avis Island. It is a lovely place to spend afternoon or a sunny morning. This is also the perfect place for basking under the rays of the golden sun. It is also a paradise for shutterbugs owing to the natural sceneries. Keep this point on the very top of your travel list when you are going to Andaman.

Traveller Tips

  • You cannot take a trip to this island without the prior consent of the concerned authorities. It is thus, advisable to make the necessary arrangements beforehand.
  • Applying some anti-mosquito cream is a good idea. You do not want to come back with red bumps all over your body.
  • Do carry drinking water and some snacks. Food might not be readily available as the island is mostly deserted.
  • Since there are not many tourists who travel to this place, it is better to plan your visit with another group. That way you will be in good company and enjoy your time.

Things to Do

  • You can always take a walk in the beach. It is clean as not many people go there. The breeze and the clear water of the sea make it a quick favourite for most visitors.
  • Take a book along. The calm and serene environment will transform you to a new world where there are no disturbances. Spend some alone time away from crowded cities.
  • You can always plan a short picnic or get together. Pack a few sandwiches and some juice. Make the most of the time by spending amazing moments with your friends or family.
  • Photographs can be taken in this beautiful spot. Capture the scenic beauty of this place and keep them as memories for a lifetime.

Availability of Guides

Guides are not available in Avis Island. You can do the necessary research from various websites. Not many offer detailed information for this place but there are quite a few.

Best Time to Visit

You will find tourists in Andaman all throughout the year. The climate is moderate all year round with no such disturbances. In the summer months, the sun is stronger but the weather is pleasant during the night and evening time. The best time to plan a trip is from end of October to mid-May. Monsoon is a time you will want to avoid. There is continuous rain and the places are all muddy. Since, Andaman is a beach oriented place, it is better to avoid the rainy season.

How to Reach

Reaching the Avis Island in Mayabunder is undoubtedly free of any sorts of hassle. You have to take a ferry boat commonly known as the Dunghi. These are available from the jetty in Mayabunder. The average ride takes about 22 minutes. Travelling to the island is one of the most exciting parts for most travellers.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About the Avis Island

  • A resort owner had taken lease but things ended badly as he got involved in judicial issues.
  • There are several coconut plantations in the Avis Island. There is greenery and a quite sunset is all you need to get your evening sorted.
  • The clear waters allow you to take a peek into the life underwater. You will find both fishes and corals.
Havelock Island
Havelock Island Photo by Codex41, CC BY 2.0

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Restaurants

There are no restaurants in the Avis Island due to several factors. Since it a journey of only a few hours, you can carry the basics and come back to eat in the city of Mayabunder. You will find lots of eateries in the city.

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