Top 15 Resorts in and Around Hyderabad

Hyderabad or “the city of pearls” is one of the most populous cities of India. It’s an ancient city full of color, busy narrow lanes, hustling markets, grand architecture and lastly, the city of prominence for many great empires that once ruled the country. This beautiful city beckons people from all over the planet to visit its beautiful tombs, forts and palaces that hold the its history in a meticulous fashion. Known for being a delightful holiday destination and also recently, a core destination for the MNCs, Hyderabad houses many fabulous resorts for those who wish to have a good time while in the city. We list here 15 of the resorts in and around Hyderabad which are best for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

1. Vivanta by Taj Begumpet

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 10 kms approx.)

Known throughout the world for providing state of the art comfort and facilities, Taj’s Vivanta is one of the best resorts in Hyderabad. Set in a prime location, this resort is just 3 kilometres away from Secunderabad Railway Station. World-class amenities include 24-hour room service, swimming pool, fitness centre, personal safes and a brilliant restaurant: Viva.

2. Golconda Resort & Spa

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 18 kms approx.)

This gorgeous resort is located near the Osman Sagar Lake in Hyderabad. The villas and suites offered here are equipped with beautiful wooden interiors complete with all the facilities. Best for a holiday or a business conference, this resort also offers services like laundry, tea and coffee makers, safety deposit box etc. Golconda resort offers a perfect blend of nature and modernity.

3. Celebrity Club Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 28 kms approx.)

Located in Shamirpet, this resort is best known for the aristocratic crowd it draws in. Providing great facilities in a tranquil atmosphere with Victorian architecture, this resort is one of the best places to unwind. With a variety of room types and amenities like laundry, valet parking, foreign exchange, gym, swimming pool, ayurvedic massages etc. available, Celebrity Club resort provides you a great stay with warm hospitality.

4. Pragati Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 40 kms approx.)

It’s rare for a resort to be the best and also come under the affordable umbrella, but Pragati resort, spread over 85 acres of land in Ranga Reddy District, is of this kind. With an astonishing range of services offered here, this resort is a popular one among people of all age groups. The entire area is covered with the scent of more than 2.4 million aromatic plants including the medicinal variety, which induces a sense of calm into people. Notably, this resort also has a water park for the delight of the whole family.

5. Ragala Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 8 kms approx.)

A splendid place for a solitary time alone or with closed ones is provided by the Ragala resort. Situated in Habsiguda, this resort also hosts glamorous birthday parties, weddings, family get-togethers, banquets and cocktail parties. Facilities like the Ragala Spa, swimming pool, cricket grounds, a rain dance floor etc. are offered here.

6. Lahari Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 49 kms approx.)

Lahari resort sits on 35 acres of land in Bhanoor. Featuring well-manicured lawns, beautiful flowers, lovely fountains, this resort, which opened its gates in 2006, has done a marvelous job of getting people’s attention. With gorgeous infrastructure and a huge range of facilities like cricket grounds, discotheque, swimming pools and restaurants, this resort is equipped to cater to any and all of your needs.

7. Aalankrita Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 25 kms approx.)

With delightful gardens and well maintained lawns that have been credited by the Horticulture Department of Hyderabad, Aalankrita resort is a feast for the eyes. Offering wonderful accommodations in the penthouse, deluxe cottages, elite suite, crystal suite and the presidential suite, a luxurious stay is guaranteed. Multiple restaurants provide delectable cuisine from all over the world and different parts of the country. A stay here will prove to be a memorable experience.

8. Leonia Holistic Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 47 kms approx.)

Known rather well for its broad range of services, Leonia Holistic resort undoubtedly offers one of the best comforts and facilities in the city. With captivating architecture and a picturesque setting, this resort has spa, gym, restaurants etc. The Leo Juventa Spa in this resort is one of the best in the country, providing holistic wellness and a rejuvenating experience.

9. Button Eyes Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad –  42 kms approx.)

Placed in Moinabad in a lush green setting is the Button Eyes resort. Ideal for a vacation, to enjoy and to be peaceful at the same time. With the landscaped lawns, a beautiful pool and the idle air, you’ll feel relaxed the moment you step into the resort. A variety of accommodations are available here which are served with friendly hospitality making this resort a perfect vacation spot.

10. Palm Exotica Boutique Resort & Spa

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 50 kms approx.)

A luxurious destination for an exotic experience is provided by the Palm Exotica Boutique resort. Situated in the Ranga Reddy District, it features South India’s largest Adventure Park ensuring a whole lot of fun for the entire family, a rejuvenating Flora Spa and palatial accommodations with stunning views and top-class facilities. This resort provides amenities for fun as well as for a quiet relaxing time.

11. Summer Green Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 25 kms approx.)

With breathtaking views, mind blowing adventure activities, beautifully maintained lawns and gardens blended with a gratifying stay, Summer Green resort offers a perfect holiday destination to take time off your work and enjoy the nature with your loved ones. With the myriad of facilities provided here, your stay will be an experience to cherish.

12. Songs of Earth Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 41 kms approx.)

With their tag line as the ‘Nature lovers’ commune’, you really can’t go wrong with Songs of the Earth resort. With lush green garden spaces, pleasing accommodations, a plethora of adventure and fun activities, this resort offers the best respite into the joyous lap of nature. The beautiful resort will surely take your breath away.

13. Papyrus Port Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 37 kms approx.)

This Egyptian style resort will transport you back in time with its infrastructure portraying the Egyptian history and culture. Served with gentle Indian hospitality, Papyrus Port resort will provide the most comfortable stay blended with an array of amazing facilities fit to fuel a sense of serenity in you.

14. Darling Cave Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 53 kms approx.)

A well-known boutique resort, Darling Cave resort is a paradise for couples. Be it newly-weds or partners or long time married pairs, this resort is known for being a haven for renewing relationships. Located very close to the Deccan Plateau boulders, the prime setting of this resort provides a very picturesque sight. Offering not only a cozy and comfortable stay, Darling Cave resort will spoil you with their luxurious facilities and an amicable hospitality.

15. Brindavan Resort

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(Distance from Hyderabad – 47 kms approx.)

Fashioned after the Hindu mythological city of Brindavan, which is said to have housed Lord Krishna and His lover Radha, Brindavan resort is a favorite amongst lovers, who come from all over the world just to catch a display of this shared love through the paintings and the charming architecture. The gracious and elegant rooms create a peaceful ambiance and mingle perfectly with the finest facilities provided.

In the hustle and bustle of the beautiful and historic city of Hyderabad, we have listed 15 of the top most resorts apt for your comfort, appeal and enjoyment.

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