5 Famous Honeymoon Destinations Near Hyderabad

Choosing a honeymoon destination that drenches you in love is certainly not an easy task. With tons of brochures in hand, it becomes even more confusing. Honeymoon, is undoubtedly the most important part of the martial life as the little romance that buds in these moments lingers for a lifetime. Whether it be some astonishing hill-top or a combination of sun and sand or may be exploring the ancient parts of India it is more about flaming the candle of love. And coming to terms with a destination that matches your imagination is the most wonderful thing. We try to bring about top 5 honeymoon destinations around Hyderabad that will leave you and your spouse spell bound and will make you fall in love with every minute spent on the trip.

1. Belum Caves

Photo by Praveen, CC BY 2.0

If you are ready for an adventure cum spiritual trip, Belum Caves give you both. Some 320 km from Hyderabad the caves have smooth interiors with large chamber and long passages making the caves about 3229 m long. The cave has huge chamber also known as the Meditation Hall which was used by Buddhists monks to meditate. A large statue of Buddha also makes its place on a hillock near these caves. There is also a continual stream going deep inside the caves and is known as Patalaganga. The caves also have beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites that will transport you two to an entirely different world.

2. Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary

About 198 km from Hyderabad is this beautiful wildlife sanctuary that is rich in flora and fauna. With dense forests comprising of dry deciduous trees, teak and bamboo trees can be seen in abundance. The fauna of Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary consists of the leopards, chowsinghaa (four-horned atelopes), sambar, boars, sloth bear and chinkara among many others. The place also has an artificial lake, The Pakhal Lake which makes the entire scene captivating. One can spend the days visiting the forest life close to nature while campfire at night by the lake. It is definitely mesmerising and romantic.

3. Goa

Photo by ojoswi, CC BY 2.0

When it comes to honeymoon, how can one not eye on Goa? The place has been talked about time and again over the years. At a distance of about 660 km from Hyderabad lies this city by the Arabian Sea that will drench you in and out with love. Its long beaches and some lip smashing cuisines and the blue waters Goa has always been a couple’s paradise. One can indulge into activities like snorkelling, jet skiing and parasailing or can just loose self at a luxurious hotel with a candle dinner by the beach and can even lie on the sands at night and gaze at the night sky with your beloved. Surely there is already a lot of love in the air.

4. Vishakhapatnam

Photo by lpiepiora, CC BY 2.0

The port city of Vishakhapatnam or endearingly known as Vizag is located about 588 km from Hyderabad. The city is a perfect amalgam of lush-green velvety hills and the beautiful blues of the water the horizon. The Submarine Museum is also one of the prime attractions of Vishakhapatnam as it is built inside a submarine that was decommissioned few years ago. The Kailasgiri hills houses a temple and a park which could be reached either by road or by the ropeway. The evening walks by the Ramakrishna beach is something you can’t miss.

5. Horsley Hills

Photo by Ram Prasad, CC BY 2.0 

The picture perfect hills of Horsley can take anyone by awe. 528 km away from the city life of Hyderabad lays these Hills that are heaven on the planet. Beautiful dense deciduous forests, walks amidst the clouds, view-points looking to the Gangotri and Mansarovar Lakes and a panoramic view of the region of Western Ghats will make you feel loved when at such a perfect destination.

Whether it is the mesmerising waters or the enchanting hilltops, the essence of love will always remain captured in the memories that a trip to these place will leave. Surely some beautiful and deep memories they will be.

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