5 Most Famous Temples in Hyderabad

Shyam Temple

Hyderabad in South India is famous for a myriad of good reasons. It sells supreme Biriyani, and the Charminar is on the global map. The night markets and food joints near the same are equally well loved too. As such, we can expect Hyderabad to be fairly steeped in religion and local mythology. Unsurprisingly therefore is a bevy of temples located in this charming land, fine monuments of architecture, and a soul anchoring point for devotees. The temples are dedicated to the presences of several Gods and Goddesses like Krishna, predominantly, and others like Hanuman ji. There are also strict regulations laid down at each, like barring photography and such measures. These temples make for very good tourism, and to make the most of your experience, check out our list of the top 5.

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Top 5 Museums in Hyderabad

Salar Jung Museum

Hyderabad is famed for its lip-smacking street food and royal delicacies and the historical forts and monuments which are an inherited legacy from the reigns of Mughal in the city. To preserve the rich heritage of Hyderabad, there are copious museums situated all around the city exhibiting the splendid artifacts left by the Mughal rulers and displaying a wonderful sight of the ancient history of Hyderabad. So, if you are a history lover or are interested in exploring the old times of this once Mughal township, these museums are a must to discover and here we are listing the best museums located in Hyderabad where you can take a glimpse into the heritage of this well-known tourist place and cherishing the magnificent history India prides itself of.

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7 Most Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Golkunda Fort

Hyderabad is the exotic place known for its delicious biriyani and the historic appeal. Forts, beaches, gardens and even palaces are much visited by visitors. But, are you up for some more adventure? If yes, this article is best for you as we have compile 7 haunted places in Hyderabad and more information about their stories. Travel and see for yourself if you can face them.

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Top 5 Historic Places & Monuments in Hyderabad


Hyderabad is a city which is known for its rich culture and heritage and historical monuments. The era of Nizams played an important role in the culture and monuments of Hyderabad. There are a number of famous historical places and heritage monuments which form a major part of tourist attractions in Hyderabad. The 5 most famous monuments of Hyderabad which are a must visit for every traveler are:

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Top 7 Waterfalls Near Hyderabad

Hyderabad is India’s fourth most populous city. With work pressure mounting as surely as the summer heat, you are sure to need a short break once in a while. Going out and exploring nature around your city is a great way of getting rid of stress and calming your mind. The best places to go are obviously where there are waterfalls, as the soothing sound of water cascading down rocks and the surrounding hills and greenery give you a fresh lease of life. Here is a list of some great waterfalls around Hyderabad.

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Top 5 Picnic Spots in Hyderabad

To get away from your everyday routine, going on a picnic is the best solution for you and your family. Hyderabad, also known as the City of Pearls is surely a place which you would never regret travelling to. A place rich with heritage, culture, landmarks, temples and shopping spots is totally worth paying a visit to once in a lifetime.

Let’s see the top 5 picnic spots that you can drop by in Hyderabad.

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Top 3 Majestic Palaces in Hyderabad

India had been under the influence of many rulers and these rulers have widely contributed to the structures that decorate various parts of the country. Hyderabad too was under a number of rulers and as a result, their tastes are still reflected in the magnificent palaces built by them. If you are interested in history or architecture, you must visit these palaces when in Hyderabad. The structures and the stories will definitely not disappoint you.

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5 Popular Spots to Enjoy Nightlife in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city which is known for its exquisite cuisines and luxurious Nawabi lifestyle boasts of some of the best destinations that come alive at night. For those who are looking forward to enjoying the nightlife after a long day at work, the place won’t doesn’t disappoint! The bars and pubs which are open till wee hours of the morning light up the night. If you are in search of live music and entertainment wrapped up with great food and drinks all at the same place, then here are the 5 popular spots to enjoy nightlife in Hyderabad.

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Top 15 Resorts in and Around Hyderabad

Hyderabad or “the city of pearls” is one of the most populous cities of India. It’s an ancient city full of color, busy narrow lanes, hustling markets, grand architecture and lastly, the city of prominence for many great empires that once ruled the country. This beautiful city beckons people from all over the planet to visit its beautiful tombs, forts and palaces that hold the its history in a meticulous fashion. Known for being a delightful holiday destination and also recently, a core destination for the MNCs, Hyderabad houses many fabulous resorts for those who wish to have a good time while in the city. We list here 15 of the resorts in and around Hyderabad which are best for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Hyderabad

The crowded and lively city of Hyderabad is just as exciting as it is loud. There is sheer vibrancy in every speck of it, and everything about Hyderabad gets more and more intriguing as you go. Though one might find an abundance of places to see and things to do in this city, there are some notable activities that can be indulged in even during a short trip. So if you’re flocking to Hyderabad to shop for some pearls or to watch the Charminar, go right ahead and add a few more things to your list for the trip, for you’ll be needing more time to explore the wonderful city of Hyderabad. Take a look at the following fun things to do when you visit, that which will make your trip memorable.

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