Top 5 Most Comforting Resorts in Gokarna

Even with Gokarna’s significance in the Hindu religion, it has not been ignored by avid travellers looking for an adventure. Beaches, trenches, hills and dense forests are the alluring features of Gokarna and that’s a few of the things that have made it such a popular town these days. The name of the town, literally translated means ‘cow’s ear’, and with the importance of cows in the Hindu religion, Gokarna has garnered numerous devotees as well as tourists due to its picturesque backdrop. As a matter of fact, Gokarna is home to some beautiful resorts, most of them situated on the pristine beaches, which has made it a rather attractive aspect of visiting this city. Here are the top 5 amazing resorts in Gokarna that you can stay in during your next trip.

1. Namaste Holiday Homes

Namaste Holiday Homes
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Kayaking, trekking, hiking, water sports, beach ball, yoga, library, tree houses, chess classes, art classes and so much wonderful stuff awaits you at Namaste Holiday Homes. Stay in beautiful and cosy tree houses, cottages, suites and standard rooms filled with modern amenities, all that comes at a truly affordable price. Namaste Holiday Homes organises activities like yoga, meditation, Swedish and Thai massage, beach volley, kayaking and a lot more for its guests, so you can guarantee yourself to have the best time while you’re in Gokarna. Not to mention accommodation that includes a lavish penthouse that promises not to burn a hole in your wallet. What more can you ask for? Namaste Holiday Homes prides itself on offering the best hospitality ever to its guests in Gokarna and for good measure.

2. Gokarna Forest Resort

Gokarna Forest Resort
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Originally a hunting ground for a Nepali royal family, Gokarna Forest Resort is settled between plush green hills and a garden that’ll put the most organised of parks to shame. With an expansive golf course keeping its guests happy and satisfied, Gokarna Forest Resort is such a gorgeous enclosure that it won’t disappoint anyone in the slightest. Look for opulent rooms and suites, conference and banquet halls, generous hospitality, horse riding, golf, bird watching, mountain biking, forest walks, swimming pool and a relaxing spa that is sure to take all of your troubles away. Gokarna Forest Resort does this and a lot more to keep the guests completely relaxed and comforted.

3. Om Beach Resort

Om Beach Resort
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Probably Gokarna’s best beach resort is the Om Beach Resort, mainly because of its location on the Om Beach, which is shaped in the manner of the Sanskrit word ‘Om’. The intriguing beach that will give you undulated pleasure when you look at it from the window of your cottage is certain to keep you completely mesmerized during your stay. If you’re looking for absolute comfort while you’re in Gokarna, you’d be interested in taking active part in the yoga and meditation therapies this resort offers. You can enjoy rejuvenating therapies at the Ayurvedic spa, stay in rooms with seaside, hillside and garden view, indulge in delectable seafood, and find comfort and relaxation in the warmth of nature and tradition at Om Beach Resort. Be sure not to overlook the modern amenities draped in Karnataka’s culture at this resort.

4. Swaswara Resort

Swaswara Resort
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If you look for a perfect retreat in Gokarna, along with a yoga and meditation holiday package that you just can’t overlook, Swaswara Resort will go all the way in ensuring that you get what you asked for. Secluded and tucked away within a lagoon of serenity and a landscape like no other, Swaswara Resort is on Om Beach, and there’s nothing more popular in Gokarna than Om Beach. Swaswara Resort has an ashram for meditation and healing yoga where experts help guests to meet themselves in a distinct manner. This resort is settled within such serenity that you can’t miss how beautiful it truly is. Cottages that speak comfort and cosiness, a vast swimming pool, yoga spaces, meditation rooms, nature walking, bird watching, boat cruising, Ayurvedic treatments and therapies, a spa and more at Swaswara Resort will keep you totally rejuvenated and calm during your stay in Gokarna.

5. Gokarna International Beach Resort

Gokarna International Beach Resort
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One of the most popular beachfront resorts in the town, Gokarna International Beach Resort is a delight for luxury lovers and budget accommodation seekers alike. Gokarna International Beach Resort is located on the Kudle Beach, offering a rather substantially famous treatment to its guests. You get sea-facing rooms, spacious suites, garden view rooms, a bar, a multi-cuisine restaurant, a lounge, picnic spaces and what not if you were to book your trip to Gokarna while staying at Gokarna International Beach Resort. With such a high standard of living to accompany it keeping in mind the budget of every guest, you can’t go wrong while choosing this beautiful retreat for yourself and your family or friends.

Given so many attractive features about Gokarna, you’d be wise to get pulled towards the amazing resorts that the town offers its visitors to stay in. Gokarna has gathered a lot of popularity over the recent years and there’s enough stunners in it to keep you rooted for days to end. So, grab your friends and family and head to this picturesque destination in Karnataka.

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