5 Places to Visit in Kanker

Kanker is a pristine district situated by the river Doodh and surrounded by dense jungles and extraordinary tribal cultures. It is more of a heritage jewel famed for its unique traditions and a rich tribal history. There are exotic craftworks and artistic handicrafts which are essentially a part of this place’s unique talented artisans. Kanker also has profuse sites to discover and has a blend of various natural attractions as well as heritage monuments that are a pivotal essence of this city’s cult heritage. As Chattisgarh is rapidly becoming a known tourist city, we bring you the top places for sightseeing here in Kanker and embrace the wonderful legacy, this district boasts itself of.

1. Kanker Palace

Kanker Palace
Photo by Hitesh Kumar Markam, CC0 1.0

Kanker Palace is the most sought after destination in Kanker to visit. It is the legacy that speaks of the city as an ancient realm and was the dwelling of the king’s family of this territory. It was erected in the beginning of nineteenth century and then again was redesigned. Also, nowadays, this palace serves as a heritage palace and has accommodation available for those in the quest to experience a royal favor and especially in this stunning palace which is one of the known top-rated resorts to relive your experience in Chattisgarh and get an idyllic king-sized treatment.

2. Charre-Marre Waterfall

Situated merely at a distance of 17 km from Kanker, Charre-Marre is a quant waterfall with its picturesque sceneries and a rejuvenating view. It is certainly a wonderful addition in the itinerary of Kanker and is also an ideal picnic spot to relax and soothe oneself. It comes from the Jogidhara River and is named after the place located just nearby to it which is known as Charre-Marre. The route is also quite smooth on the way and arriving here will work like an icing on the cake for your journey in Kanker!

3. Gadiya Mountain

Gadiya Mountain, too, is a heritage from the past of the city which dates back to the times when Dharma Dev who is a renowned Kandra King, triumphed over Kanker. He announced this mountain as his main territory as well as the capital. There is a secretive and mysterious cave to this place which was used as a hiding place for the king of Kanker and his family. Moreover, a tank is found here which never gets short of water and has its parts named on the two daughters of the ruler Dharma Dev. If you have a desire to unravel the pristine and valuable history Kanker has, then this site is the best place to begin from and to discover the heritage this place prides itself of.

4. Maa Shivani Temple

Devoted to Maa Shivani who is a holy amalgamation of two divine Goddesses, Maa Kali and Maa Durga, this temple is surrounded by a striking tranquility and divinity to it. Further, Maa Shivani is semi avatar of Maa Kali and Maa Durga and this coming together of two powerful Hindu Devis is apparent in the remarkable statue revered in Maa Shivani Temple. This rare idol can only be found in Kolkata and here in Kanker. Visit Maa Shivani Temple especially during Navratri and you will find devotees coming in hundreds to get the blessings of Maa Shivani and will assist you in continuing your rest of the journey nestled in divinity!

5. Malanjhkudum Waterfall

Another pristine natural attraction of Kanker, the Malanjhkudum Waterfall is at a distance from 15 km from the city. It will require a smooth hike for you to reach this pristine nature charm and will take your breath away with its allure. The sparkling waters and its wonderfully gushing sounds are a quaint way to conclude your trip in Kanker and will take your exhaustion away at once for sure. Here you can ponder over this amazing landscape and look back at your amazing journey in this beautiful district.

Thus, the charming sites of this immaculate and offbeat town are all endearing and quaint in themselves which can tempt anyone to visit it for a short trip. Don’t forget to travel around the above quoted sites and also the tribal villages around the city where you can know about Kanker’s talented artists and take back copious souvenirs to remind you of this striking district, happy journey!

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