5 Most Haunted Places in Lucknow

The city of Lucknow boasts of a rich history of nawabs and rulers who controlled the city before the British conquest. During the colonial era, the place has witnessed several battles and wars of the locals against the imperialists. Although these events are history now, the stories regarding the dead and the fate of the defeated rulers haven’t lost their charm. Many of the buildings that belonged to the wealthy landlords are in ruins now and with the element of horror that they possess, these places are favorite destinations of travelers who are looking forward to making their blood run cold. Here are 5 most haunted places in Lucknow that are going to cast a spooky spell on you.

1. OEL House

OEL House used to be the residence of the former Vice Chancellor of Lucknow University. The building was constructed long before independence and belonged to Wajid Ali Shah. During the 1857 revolt, the building caught fire and many British soldiers were killed. The corpses were dumped in a well inside the building. The place is said to possess the spirit of the dead and has been abandoned due to many odd and unfortunate events that have happened to its residents even after so many years.

2. Sikandar Bagh

Photo by Lobsterthermidor, Public Domain

Sikandar Bagh was a pivotal location where the 1857 revolt took place. Many Indian men were butchered by the hands of British soldiers. After their death, the British were reluctant in burying the bodies and performing the final rites of the fallen. It is said that the spirits of these martyrs still roam around in this place. The locals have several stories to tell about the happenings and odd noises that can be heard from the building and surrounding area during night. Creepy noises that rise from the location surrounded in absolute ramshackle is going to leave you stunned.

3. Railway Quarters, Lucknow

Railway Station, Photo by Mohit, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Railway Quarters and nearby premises of Lucknow are said to host the spirit of an officer who resided there during the colonial rule. He is said to have married a woman who was much younger than him. When he came to know about the intimacy between his wife and another young British officer, he committed suicide, but only after killing them. People have reported about the shadow of a man and faint voices that break the silence of the night.

4. Nirala Nagar

Nirala Nagar is said to be the haunted colony of Lucknow. The town has been named after the famous Hindi poet Suryakanth Tripathi Nirala who lived his life in extreme poverty, ironically becoming a renowned poet posthumously. The colony was built over a burial ground which is the reason behind many spooky stories by the locals who claim to have witnessed paranormal activities. Lucknow Improvement Trust drew up the colony which had a large crematorium, graveyard, and temple. With such history behind the construction of the colony, people have reported odd events happening to the residents of the place.

5. Balrampur Hospital

Balrampur Hospital was built for the British soldiers during the British rule in India. The building was constructed above a graveyard due to which the locals claim that the place is haunted. A few graves are visible in the hospital premises and people prefer not to visit the hospital. Many incidents have been reported where patients have experienced uncanny events and have heard many noises and abnormal figures becoming visible through their window. With many dreadful stories and a mysterious environment, Balrampur Hospital is considered to be a haunted spot in the city of Lucknow.

The vibrant city of Lucknow has many spiels regarding its past, most of which are unfortunate and frightening. The old buildings which have been isolated and uninhabited have a story to tell. If you are a person who loves to explore the tales of past, then you should definitely visit these places in Lucknow. Remnants of grand old constructions which have now succumbed to wrecks under wild bushes added with the detailed tails of the locals will leave you with an unnerving quest.

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