Top 6 Places To Visit In Vrindavan

Like most cities in Uttar Pradesh, Vrindavan is also one of the ancient cities that have been mentioned in the holy Hindu scriptures. Along with Mathura, Vrindavan is described as one of the twin holy cities. The name Vrindavan refers to an ancient forest that existed here, of which two smaller groves still exist. Being the place where Lord Krishna is considered to have spent his childhood Vrindavan is a major pilgrim spot for the Hindus. Here’s the list of the must-visit places in Vrindavan.

1. Govind Dev Temple

Photo by Jpatokal, CC BY-SA 4.0

For unknown reasons the Govind Dev Temple is often referred to as being the Govind Dev Temple of Mathura instead of Vrindavan. It is one of the most important temples in Vrindavan and the main deity here is Govind Dev or Lord Krishna. The Idol was brought to this temple by the Rajput king of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II.

2. Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple

A temple by the ISKCON society, the Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple is one of the major temples in Vrindavan. The temple is one of the most peaceful places one can visit and is best visited during Janmashtami.

3. Keshi Ghat

Photo by Os Rúpias, CC BY-ND 2.0

Located at the banks of the River Yamuna, the Keshi Ghat is one of the most important Ghats in Vrindavan. The magnificent Madanmohan temple at the back drop and the Yamuna River provides one of the most spiritually content Ghats in Vrindavan. The Keshi ghat was the place where Lord Krishna took a bath after he slew the demon Keshi and is considered a revered pilgrim spot.

4. Bankey Bihari Temple

Photo by Rajatdesiboy, CC BY-SA 3.0

The temple was built by the great Indian music guru Swami Haridas who was also the guru of the famous Tansen, a famous musician in Akbar’s court. The temple was built in 1862 by Swami Haridas as he wanted to house an old idol of Lord Krishna in his enjoyer or ‘Bankey Bihari’ posture and keep it from getting into the hands of the Mughals. One of the major and most famous temples in Vrindavan is not to be missed.

5. Shahji Temple

Photo by Ashish Bhatnagar, CC BY-SA 3.0 

Built by Shah Kundan Lal who was a famous jeweler in Lucknow, the temple was named Shahji Temple. The temple is famous for its distinctive neo-Dravidian architecture and stone carvings. The Darbar Kamra is a hall that is decorated with grand chandeliers and wall paintings. The twelve marble carved spiral columns are a marvel to behold.

6. Ranganathaji Temple

The temple was built in a distinctive Dravidian style and was completed in 1851 and is dedicated to Lord Ranganath a name for Lord Vishnu. The temple sports a majestic gopuram which can be seen from far. The temple is famous for its amazing temple complex and the fine architectural asthetics.

The holy town of Vrindavan is one of the most important pilgrim spot for the Vaishnavites. The above-mentioned places not only are great places to visit in Vrindavan but are also the long standing symbols of Indian culture.

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  1. The picture which is displayed under No. 4 Banke Bihariji Temple is actually of Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple No. 2.

    Not to get confused Hare Krishna Hare Rama is also know as ISKCON ( International Society For Krishna Consciousness)


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