Top 7 Places to Visit in Noida

Not many people know that Noida actually stands for New Okhla Industrial Development Area. Over the years, Noida has come up at a very fast rate from being a relatively small and barren area to a commercial and corporate hub. Noida has a lot of offices of MNCs and to cater to these, there are a lot of new eating places and malls that have sprung up. Greater Noida has residential areas and the commercial market places of Noida leaves no stone unturned for them to stay connected to the city. Here are some places to chill at while in Noida

1. Worlds of Wonder

The water and amusement park WOW is very well known in Delhi-NCR area as being the only good fun filled amusement park around. The place is abuzz with youngsters who come from Delhi and Noida to enjoy a day with fun rides and eateries. The place has clean and nice changing rooms as well as well-known restaurants where one can quickly grab a bite. The best part is that there is also a DJ to groove to while enjoying the rides!

2. ISKCON Temple

ISKCON temple is very well known amongst Lord Krishna followers in the country. The ISKCON temple in Noida has been the centre for Krishna worship, seminars and cultural events. The ISKCON mandir complex is clean and the premises are well kept. The temple is a nice break from the crowds of the city and promise you peace and serenity when you visit. The seminars and cultural activities hosted in the temple vicinity are spectacular and entertaining. It is like a Mini-Mathura right here next to Delhi.

3. The Great India Place Mall

The mall is referred to as the GIP mall amongst youngsters and hosts a variety of shops and brands that offer goods and services under one roof. The Great India Place Mall is famous for being a one of a kind mall that tends to all your needs. It has a number of discotheques as well as movie halls. GIP is the perfect place for your weekend party scene and the solution to all your shopping needs.

4. Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is a nice sight for everyone who lives in Noida because it has lush green trees and flowers that bloom in springtime that provides serenity to local residents. The garden is well known amongst joggers and photographers who come here early in the morning. If you fancy a stroll in the morning or evening, pay a visit to the botanical gardens!

5. Buddh International Circuit

Paddock Club of Buddh International Circuit, Photo by Shobhit Gosain, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Buddh international circuit is very famous for being the host to several Auto Expos and music festivals. Originally made for race car driving, the annual venue for the Indian Grand Prix is spread over 10 km. The tracks are a magnificent sight and a must visit while in Noida!

6. Golf Course, Noida

The golf course here in Noida is so famous that it has its own metro station on the blue line! The golf course, apart from being a stellar course, has other facilities as well like rummy rooms and pool tables. The golf course is a nice place to spend your holidays and enjoy some time in luxury.

7. Stupa 18 Art Gallery

There are hardly any art galleries left in the country anymore. Stupa art gallery has art from Indian artists showcased and celebrated. The gallery has exhibitions and even sells the paintings. The best part about the gallery is that it also lets you customize a painting! Now, that’s something spectacular. Visit the gallery for a great experience in culture and art.

Noida has always been underestimated as being a place for offices and houses. But the town-city has come up like never before to surpass everyone’s expectations by being host to international events at the Buddh circuit and having a million multiplexes. Visit Noida for a quick getaway from your busy life!

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