Top 7 Places to Visit in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh known popularly as the ‘Gateway to UP’ because of its closeness to the National capital, New Delhi. It is part of the National Capital region of Delhi and is a planned industrial city. The river Hindon runs through the city and there have been excavations around the place that have been linked to the existence of civilizations in Ghaziabad and adjoining areas as early as 2500 BC. Let us look at the top 7 places to visit in Ghaziabad

1. Dadri

Dadri is located around 19 km from Ghaziabad and has the world’s largest power project. Dadri is located at an elevation of 216 m. The city has coal fired thermal power plants and one gas fired plant. There are two cement producing industrial level factories situated here as well. The city had played an important role in the freedom struggle of 1857.

2. Dasna

Dasna is 10km from the city of Ghaziabad. It was set up by the Rajput king, Salarsi. The story goes that the kind arrived on the banks of the River Ganges to cure his leprosy and fell in love with the place so much so that he constructed a fort for himself on the banks. The fort later got conquered by Ahmad Shah Abdali in 1760. The historical site can be reached via state-run buses.

3. Mohan Nagar

Mohan nagar is an industrial town that is situated on the Grand Truck Karnal Road and is about 7 km away from Ghaziabad. The town is named after N. N. Mohan and has various factories and breweries. The town also has a very famous temple called Mohan Nagar temple. The temple is revered among locals and considered to be one of the most peaceful places in the area. The place also had malls that people can visit to enjoy and shop.

4. Modi Nagar

Mahamaya Mandir, Photo by Ashish Bhatnagar, Public Domain

Modi nagar is located on the Delhi-Mussoorie highway and is named after the Businessman, Gujar Mal Modi who established a sugar factory here, the area is said to have been founded by the Nawab Zafar Ali. The city is home to a temple constructed by Rani Bala Bai Sindhia in the 19th century which is one of the most popular attractions of the city. The town has emerged as a commercial and industrial hub of the area and has markets that offer good local food and cloth materials.

5. Swarna Jayanti Park

In the winters, this park is a hot spot for picnickers who come here for a day out in the sun. the park is beautiful with its walking path that cover 1.6 km and lush greenery all around. A small lake is also present in the park with boating facilities. The entire park is very nicely maintained and is perfect for an evening walk or picnic.

6. Laxmi Narayan Temple

Photo (cropped) by Ashishbhatnagar72, Public Domain

Located in Modi Nagar, the Laxmi Narayan Temple is very well maintained and has a big open space. The temple complex consists of gardens and the red building temple. The architecture is beautiful and definitely worth a visit while in the city.

7. ISKCON Temple

Like all the other ISKCON temples, the one in Ghaziabad attracts lots of people to the Lord Krishna shrine. Especially during Janmashtami the entire place lights up in celebrations and festivities. The environment is clear and clean, with something for everyone. There is a museum here as well that has historic epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata explained through multimedia. The temple is a must visit whether or not you are a Lord Krishna follower. The temple premises are simple breath-taking.

Apart from park, temples and factories that one can visit while in Ghaziabad, the place also has numerous malls that one can go to for some shopping and entertainment purposes. The city is lively and upcoming and promises a good stay filled with adventure and history.

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