Top 5 Things to Do in Mysore

Mysore or Mysuru is an enriched city in Karnataka, India, with various attractions for the tourists. It has a historical significance as it was a capital of the Mysore Kingdom. The city has different points of attraction to captivate and excite any travel enthusiast. Here we talk about the top 5 things to do in Mysore.

1. Places to See

Mysore Palace, Photo by Spiros Vathis, CC BY-ND 2.0

The magnificent Mysore Palace is not only the pride of Mysore but an asset of India. Formerly it was the residence of the Wodeyur Kings. After fire ruined the old palace, the work of renovation started in 1897, under the supervision of English Architect Henry Irwin. It has become an architectural masterpiece with an excellent blend of Hindu, Muslim and Gothic structure. The painted pillars are an ageless asset of Indian art.

The palace has the Public and Private Darbar Hall, Kalyana Mantapa, Doll’s Pavilion and Portrait Gallery. It displays a rich collection of sculptures and artistry. There is a huge collection of weapons in the armory. On Holidays it is decorated with lights to present a spectacular night view.

The famous Brindavan garden in Mysore is stretched over 150 acres. It is very close to the Krishnaraja Sagar Reservoir over the Cauvery River. The beautiful fountains in the garden charm the visitors when illuminated during the evening.

Temples and Churches are also important places to visit in Mysore. To name a few, you can visit the Chamundi Temple, Chamarajeshwara Temple and St Philomena’s Church.

2. Nature and Zoological Tour

Giraffes at Zoo, Photo by Ramesh NG, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Mysore Zoo was built up in 1892 by Shri Chamarajenra Wodeyur Bahadur. It is also called after the name of its founder. The zoo houses a large variety of animal and bird species. African Rhino, Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Baboon, Tapir, Emu, Lemur, Marmoset and many other animals inhabit the zoo. It would be a wonderful experience for both the children and the adults to witness the wildlife so closely.

A part of the Zoo, the Karanji lake in Mysore is a treasure of Nature for its unparalleled scenic beauty and the gathering of beautiful migratory birds. It has the wonderful butterfly park and India’s largest walk-through aviary. Boating Trip is also available here.

There are other attractive lakes around Mysore like the Thonnur Lake, Lingabudi Lake and the Kukkaranahalli Lake.

3. Shopping in Mysore

Mysore is famous for its production of silk sarees. The Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited (KSIC) is a trusted organization for the production and marketing of exclusive silk sarees, garments, scarves and other attractive items. The Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium presents a rich and vibrant collection of craft items. The Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation markets the wonderful handicraft items under the brand name of Cauvery.

You can visit the 100 years old Devaraja market covering a large area, selling fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the local farms. Also buy the famous Mysore Pak loaded with pure ghee, if you want to carry some ‘sweet memories’ back home!

4. A Journey of the Curious Mind

Mysore Silk Saree, Photo by Kiranravikumar, CC BY-SA 3.0

While buying silk fabric, if you really feel attached with the essence of the art, you can go further to witness its production. The staffs of the KSIC assist visitors to take a tour to the silk weaving units. Here you can see the process right from the cocoon reeling, towards the end of fabric production.

The fragrance of sandalwood is something that connects us with the idea of heaven. And Mysore has the great farmhouse for sandalwood oil production. There is no one who is not nostalgic about the ‘Mysore Sandal Soap’! To witness the procedure of oil extraction through different stages and production of sandalwood items, you must visit the Government Sandalwood Oil factory, which was set up in 1916.

5. Wellness Visit

Government Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital, Photo by Christopher F. Fynn, CC BY-SA 4.0

If you prefer a relaxed holiday over a hectic tour, Mysore has a number of Yoga and wellness centers to experience healing through effective ancient methods. The Yoga and Ayurvedic research centers across the city present an array of wellness methods to heal chronic issues of the body and mind. Here you can seek guidance for a healthy planning of lifestyle. You can also visit the spa centers to experience a complete relaxation.

So, these five things are going to make your Mysore tour enjoyable. Keep exploring!

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