Top 15 Homestays in Mysore

Mysore is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in India, one that has retained its old-world charm, yet has stepped into modern times. There are many tourist attractions in and around Mysore that will make anyone’s trip to this beautiful city a memorable experience. The best part about Mysore is that it has something or the other to offer all kinds of visitors. There are centuries-old palaces, amazing gardens, serene nature, and more. And yes, there are also the festivals of Mysore that are worth being a part of. When you have such an amazing city to explore, why not do it from your home? That means, choose homestay options in Mysore to spend your holidays when you are on a trip to Mysore. There are many options for visitors that offer a great living experience.

Here are 15 beautiful homestay options to add zeal, beauty, energy and memories to your holiday in Mysore.

1. Tulip Homestay

Tulip Homestay
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Located at 10th Cross Vijayanagar, the Tulip Homestay offers beautiful and cozy studio rooms for the ultimate living experience.  They also offer the western Bed and Breakfast concept that is a refreshing idea. It is also easily accessible via road, rail or air. This homestay is a perfect combination of living in a serene locality and homely environment. From continental to oriental and Arabic to Chinese, vegetarian to non-vegetarian; you name the cuisine or the type of eatery and it is available at the proximity to relish.

2. Sunlarge Homestay

Sunlarge Homestay
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It is situated at Vihara Marg Siddharthnagar. Sunlarge is a homestay apt for families and even pets. Another USP of the place is that it is close to many tourist attractions of Mysore such as the Mysore Palace, Zoo Garden, Chamundi Hills and more. All the rooms offered are well-furnished with all modern facilities. Food served consist both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine and they also arrange sightseeing trips.

3. Gitanjali Homestay

Gitanjali Homestay
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Gitanjali Homestay is a peaceful home located at the foothills of Chamundi hills and is a great place to not just stay but live. The beautiful gardens, and home cooked food are other attractions. The Kodava cuisine served is the highlight of the stay. It is run by the Achaiahs, a Kodava family known for their culture.

4. Hillview Farms

Hillview Farms
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Though it is situated on the outskirts of Mysore, all it is needed is a 10-min drive from the farm to reach the city. The best part of being at Hillview homestay is that the beautiful Chamundi Hills welcome you as its backdrop, a view which is simply put, amazing.  It is a great place to rejuvenate amidst fresh air and serene atmosphere, along with enjoying home cooked food from vegetables that are sourced from the organic farm.

5. Kuteer Homestay

The Kuteer Homestay began its operations in 2005 and today it is one of the most popular homestays in Mysore. Located in 3rd Stage, Gokulum, it offers 5-star amenities to its guests. Those who would like to taste different cuisines should stay at Kuteer Homestay because there are many eateries close by that serve many types of cuisines. They also offer suites, and a kitchen, along with Wi-Fi facility. They also have sightseeing tours for those who would like to explore the city and visit the famous tourist destinations of Mysore.

6. Seetha Homestay

Located at Yadavgiri Extension, Seetha Homestay is a simple building with beautiful lawns and which offer the look and feel of a countryside home. At the same time, it offers all modern facilities such as Wi-Fi, well-furnished rooms and supply of hot and cold water as per requirements. There is also a restaurant offering delicious cuisines. Many famous tourist destinations of Mysore can be visited from here.

7. Play Possum Homestay

Play Possum Homestay
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It is situated at Kuvempunagar on Paduvana Road, and offers a cozy homestay experience that makes you feel at home even when you are miles away from it. Heard of the world-famous Mysore Mallige flowers? Well, you can grab an experience of living in a homestay with garden that boasts of Mallige flowers in the Play Possum Homestay. If you are someone who loves to meditate and practice yoga, then look no further. You can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with the Yoga center and Mediterranean center. Mysore’s legendary guru, Shri. Pattabhi Jois has trained the hostess in Yoga. Now you know this is the place to be!

8. Kutsa Homestay

Kutsa Homestay
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Kutsa is a Sanskrit word which means a ray of light and that is how you will feel after staying at Kutsa Homestay. Kutsa is a spacious and beautiful home located at the Vijayanagar layout and is built in an amazing architectural style. Just the idea of living in such a beautiful home is itself invigorating. With lush green surrounding the house, and a vast kitchen garden that has different types of fruit trees, you will have such a wonderful staying experience at Kutsa Homestay that you may not even want to venture out, but immerse yourself in the lap of nature.

9. River View Homestay

Situated at Bangra-Kulur, the River View Homestay is what the name suggests. It lies on the banks of a beautiful river and is a great place to refresh. The view of the river and the comfortable living experience offered by the homestay makes your visit to Mysore all the more worth it.  The cuisine offered is the South Indian cuisine with sea food as the main attraction. The vegetarian food served here is also delicious.

10. My Home Homestay, Mysore

My Home Homestay, Mysore
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Located near the Chamundipuram Circle in Vidyaranyapuram, My Home Homestay delivers a home with posh facilities. The rooms are so designed to offer you the best comfort as you would enjoy in your home along with great food.  It is located close to the railway station, Bus stand and the Mysore airport. They also offer tours and travels for those who are interested. Also, guests can even go on a sightseeing tour on their own as many tourist attractions such as Karanji Lake, Chamundi Hill, Mysore Palace, etc. are located in the proximity.

11. Santhrupthi Homestay

It stands at 3rd Cross, on K. D. Road, Vontikoppal and offers a comfortable stay to its guests. Be it for business purposes or for a holiday, if you wish to choose a place that offers great comfort and a hassle-free stay, then you should choose homestay at Santhrupthi in Mysore. Along with providing all modern facilities, the homestay also gives you a homely atmosphere. There are also Yoga and massage parlor for those who like to pay attention to fitness and rejuvenation while on a holiday.

12. Chamundi Homestay

Located at Kuvempunagar and on 15th Cross Anikethan Road, the Chamundi Homestay provides a comfortable living facility to its guests. The beautiful building is itself an attraction. All major tourist attractions are also nearby. If you are someone who desires to experience the authentic Mysore cuisine – the Kodava cuisine, then this homestay is for you. It is the perfect stay for a discerning traveler amidst the chirping of birds, lush greens and authentic food.

13. Dreamz Homestay

Dreamz Homestay
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The Dreamz Homestay is situated on 3rd Stage Vijayanagaram and is a beautiful and imposing building. With clean and spacious rooms, it offers a comfortable living experience with all the modern facilities.

14. Nandanavana Homestay

Nandanavana Homestay
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Located at the foothills of Chamundi Hill, the Nandanavana Homestay is housed in a simple yet elegant home. The Lalithamahala Palace is opposite to it. It is a small place that can accommodate around just 14 people and hence it is to apt place for those who prefer peaceful living away from crowd. There is a full-fledged kitchen and also sporting facilities for a game or two. Activities you can be a part are sightseeing tours, yoga sessions, painting and wood-carving workshops and so on.

15. Chamundi View Homestay

It is situated at JP Nagar and is just 5 km from the main town. Chamundi View Homestay is a simple house and offer simple yet comfortable accommodation to its guests. Three types of cuisine ae served which includes Indian, continental and Chinese.

It is good to see that more and more homestay options are coming up in Mysore. These homestay options are popular among visitors because they give a homely atmosphere along with amenities that will be available in hotels. There are also many families who offer their home to visitors and tourists to stay, because of which guests are also able to enjoy the local culture and life.

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