Top 15 Resorts In and Around Coorg

The Kodagu district of Karnataka is known for its unblemished beauty and as the biggest coffee producer of the country. Kodagu or Coorg or “the land of a million hills” rests on the inclines of the Western Ghats. With its eye-catching greenery, the view of the misty hill ranges in Coorg is breathtaking. This district is landlocked by the states of Karnataka and Kerala and is well accessible by the major cities like Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore. This beautiful district has a thick cover of forest and coffee plantations as far as the eye can see. A trip to Coorg can be a cherishing and a relaxing experience. The tranquil atmosphere mingled with the perfect cool weather can be ideal for a holiday. All that is required is a splendid place to stay. There are countless resorts both in and around Coorg which offer a pleasant stay. We list fifteen of the best resorts where you can have a good time with nature and a wonderful stay as well in Coorg.

1. Club Mahindra Coorg

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(Distance from Coorg –  38 kms approx.)

Offering a spectacular selection of 220 palatial apartments, Club Mahindra is spread over 35 acres of lush green trees and plantations of coffee and spices. With wondrous views of paddy fields, plantations, rainforest, valleys, hills and the river Kaveri, this resort is one of the most popular in Coorg. With facilities of gym, multiple swimming pools, restaurants, a lounge and a bar, a spa and an activity centre, this resort blends all the elements of a good vacation together to create an exhilarating experience for you.

2. Coorg Jungle Camp Resort

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Set amongst the tall trees with the sparkling river flowing outside, Coorg jungle camp resort is where your nature fantasies come alive. Situated in South Coorg, this resort gives a thrilling experience of what it is to live surrounded by the wild calls of the jungle, dazzling waterfalls, eerie silence of the night and the bewitching view of the river water. The panorama is fabulous along with the stay which is warm and pleasant. Bird-watching, bonfire, barbecue etc., are just some of the many facilities provided in this resort.

3. Coorg Cliffs Resort

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(Distance from Coorg – 23 kms approx.)

To enjoy the salubrious weather in the dewy mountains of Coorg, one needs to experience a stay at the Coorg Cliffs resort. The resort sits surrounded by the coffee and spice plantations giving the air a sweet and flavored scent. Offering memorable views of sunrise and sunset combined with a perfect stay complete with all the amenities and joyous activities, Coorg Cliffs Resort possesses everything required for an ideal holiday.

4. Porcupine Castle

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(Distance from Coorg – 24 kms approx.)

The aptly named Porcupine ‘Castle’ sits perched on top of a hill on a 121-hectare wide coffee plantation. Giving a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain ranges, this glorious resort offers 15 chalets, a tree house, a multi-cuisine restaurant and a recreation centre to its guests. With the clouds swimming past beneath you, the resort offers one of the best views in Coorg. Facilitating activities like trekking, jeep rides, plantation tours, river rafting, Ultra-Light Flying sessions etc., a stay here is a must for all the nature enthusiasts.

5. Vivanta by Taj Coorg

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(Distance from Coorg – 25 kms approx.)

Ever since it opened its doors in 2012, Vivanta has been one of the most popular resorts in Coorg. With staggering all-encompassing views of the gorgeous paddy fields and densely green rainforest, Vivanta has been the most talked about resort in Coorg. Offering a selection of 62 beautiful villas and rooms, many equipped with private pools and sunroofs along with a spa and yoga centre, Vivanta offers one the most elegant and luxurious stay ever.

6. Windflower Resort

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(Distance from Coorg – 28 kms approx.)

Offering one of the most invigorating experiences in a resort is the Windflower resort. Located in Mercara, Coorg, this charming site provides villa, suite and studio accommodation for its guests along with the cutting edge facilities. The serene atmosphere is refreshing and the majestic view will provide you with a retreat from the regular life. Also providing amenities like a coffee shop, reading room, activity room, meditation points near the waterfront, swimming pool, spa and a multi-cuisine restaurant where you can try delightful Indian, Asian, Continental and local cuisine. Facilities like horse riding, zorbing, quad biking and yoga are also available here.

7. Kadkani Riverside Resort

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(Distance from Coorg – 20 kms approx.)

Gazing over Kaveri river, with lush foliage all around, Kadkani resort is nothing short of a paradise. It has something for everyone. Offering a wide range of activities for the adventurers, a picturesque setting for the quiet and serene people and a perfect refuge amidst the trees and the river for the solitary ones. Equipped with 36 plush cottages, the Kadkani Resort provides all the pleasing amenities for a most comfortable stay. The resort also has a restaurant serving the most delectable cuisine. Various fun-filled activities here include fishing, river rafting, golf, swimming, a reading lounge, cultural events and many indoor and outdoor games.

8. Amanvana Resort and Spa

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(Distance from Coorg – 26 kms approx.)

Overlooking the Kaveri river that gushes past adjacent to it, Amanvana resort and spa is one of the best riverside resort in Coorg. The accommodations offered here are the most satisfying and each bungalow boasts of its own private courtyard equipped with a lotus pond and a reading corner. A sandpit and a play area for the kids will infuse joy in them and the outdoors camp facility will be pleasant experience for both kids and adults alike. Located 30 kilometres from Madikeri in Kushalnagar, Amanvana Resort is an ideal holiday spot.

9. The Tamara

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(Distance from Coorg –  37 kms approx.)

Sitting in the serene green cover, amidst the beautiful waterfalls is the enchanting Tamara resort. Located in Yevakapadi in Madikeri, the resort provides a stunning view of the sloping dense green hills along with a gracious stay. Resting on a steep slope, the silence of the nature, the bird-watching experience, the sparkling waterfall will make your holiday a true delight. Rejuvenating activities offered here include a tour of the plantation, nature walk, yoga and meditation. The resort has luxurious rooms and cottages offering the most exquisite luxuries.

10. Misty Woods Resorts

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Huddled in the spooky wilderness of Coorg, Misty Woods resort gleams with pride for the wondrous scenic beauty it offers of the mountains, the cool gentle breeze of the tall and green ancient trees, the perfect silence of the jungle. Surrounded by exotic variety of flora and fauna, this impressive spot is situated in Kakkabe. The river that gushes past Coorg adds to the charm of the resort which provides an incredible array of facilities like bird-watching, lunch beside the breathtaking waterfalls, authentic local cuisine, picnic by the riverside, bonfire and barbecue and a rejuvenating spa.

11. Orange County Resort

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(Distance from Coorg –  15 kms approx.)

This delightfully beautiful resort, situated in Madikeri, will ensure that you will never want to step away from it. One of the best resorts in and around Coorg, Orange County is simply a 300-acre heaven. A breathtaking paradise for the nature lovers who want to unwind and have a blissful holiday, this resort provides with best comfort and great amenities. They also offer facilities such as a reading lounge, an Infinity Pool and an Ayurvedic rejuvenation centre and fun activities like plantation walk, Coracle ride, bird-watching, visiting the Bylakuppe Tibetan settlement etc.

12. Ambatty Greens Resort

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(Distance from Coorg – 31 kms approx.)

An idle place to cherish the beauty of nature while enjoying a break from the busy schedule, Ambatty Greens resort is nestled in the slopes of a beautiful green hillside. The favorable weather of Coorg will make it an absolute delight to stay here. Situated close to the Coorg Golf Links, Ambatty Greens resort is rightly described as the “country’s best kept secret”. The serene atmosphere here is favorable for both relaxation and fun activities like river rafting, trekking, bird-watching and long walks amidst the grand waterfalls. Ideal rooms with banquet and conference halls make Ambatty Greens a memorable experience.

13. Heritage Resort

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(Distance from Coorg –  25 kms approx.)

Situated in the Monnangeri Village in Madikeri, Heritage resort sits in the softly rolling hills of Coorg. The fresh coffee scented air, pristine creeks and a wonderful view are just few of the pleasures offered at this resort. Providing a gentle hospitality with a pleasurable stay, Heritage resort is simply alluring. From the swimming pool overlooking the steep slope of the hill to the fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits grown organically here, this resort is a marvelous spot. Bird-watching, cycling, trekking, swimming, a Reader’s Shelf and a games room for kids are some of the action packed activities available here.

14. Silver Brook Estate- Coorg Homestay

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(Distance from Coorg – 14 kms approx.)

Sitting between coffee and pepper plantations, this fabulous and serene resort is located in Kadagadal Village, Madikeri. One of the best Homestay in India, Silver Brook estate, is a paradise of beautiful birds and butterflies. The pristine creek flows by surrounded by the silver oak trees intertwined with the pepper corn vines near the resort. Set in an unspoiled setting, they offer executive rooms, superior executive rooms and special executive rooms. All the rooms are equipped with necessary amenities. Offering a hammock, a library, bonfire and games, Silver Brook Estate promises a great stay filled with fun and relaxation.

15. Old Kent Estate

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(Distance from Coorg – 30 kms approx.)

Perched in the middle of a coffee estate, Old Kent estate will take you to the era of the British Raj. The British architecture with a huge English garden and wide spaces of plantations, is a reminder of the past. The accommodation is royal to say the least and facilities offered are incomparable. Preserving the heritage of the past, it’s a unique way to indulge in the British aristocracy. With stupendous rooms and pampering hospitality, this resort offers a unique experience.

A charming place like Coorg has dozens of resorts for your comfort. We have chosen the best 15 among all these resorts so that you can have a fulfilling time of peace and fun with your friends and family.

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