The Best Time to Visit Coorg

Coorg in South India is a very green tourist spot. One look through it, you will see lush green meadows and beautiful lakes glistening in the Sun. It’s a sort of miniature Africa vacation spot too- one could go on safaris or go backpacking, and meet all sorts of exotic wild animal species. But that doesn’t mean it is devoid of the human touch, though. Coorg has temples, monasteries and churches, it’s a religious spread. The best time to visit Coorg is entirely different, a polar opposite to the peak seasons for North India tourist hubs. The peak season is monsoon, when the rains come in and lend a beautifying, enhancing touch to the place and makes it more beautiful. The monsoon season is from June to September.

Photo (Cropped) by Kalidas Pavithran, CC BY 2.0

MonthsConditionsOur Recommendation
October to MarchBest time for adventure sports, you will definitely enjoy trekking during this time.Popular Tourist Season
March to AprilThese are the favourable months, as you will get a chance to witness the valley filled with white flowers.Peak Season
June to SeptemberHeavy rainfalls, but you will certainly enjoy the beauty of Coorg.Ideal Time


at Coorg also suffers from the debate regarding whether its ambient enough to pay a visit. Well, as I always say, it’s a matter of personal choice, preferences and priorities. It would be saying the least to say that Coorg is blessed with ample precipitation-if that is something you enjoy, or don’t see a lot of, you should definitely drop by. If you think it would be dangerous or a hindrance to sightseeing, you better come another day.There is debate in opinions about the Coorg summer tourism excellence.

Some say Coorg is at its best during summer, some others will tell you it gets oppressively hot and stuffy. But overall, one can go to Coorg in summer and have a good time roaming as it stays cooler than the Indian average. One can visit the local tourist attractions like churches and hills, or one can get sporty and play golf or trek.

Winters in Coorg are a universal tourist favourite. The winter weather is quite cold by India standards, and it sometimes gets chilly, close as it is to the hills. There are delightful mists which sometimes arrive unexpected and without notice, and make the tourists’ day. Sightseeing is best done now, as is natural beauty enjoyed, being at its best. Adventure sports should be taken on with enough caution exercised beforehand.

How to Reach Coorg

Coorg is well connected to other lands by a number of ways. You can take flights back and forth from the nearest Mangalore airport, or you can take the rail to Mysore station. One could take buses from neighbouring Mysore, Bengaluru as well. One could also drive by road, and the drive is replete with scenic beauty and well maintained roadways. There are buses and taxis which convey you to hotels from airports and rail stations.

Coorg India
Photo by Rakesh Belliappa, CC BY 2.0

What to Do and See in Coorg

  • Madikeri

It has an eponymous fort and the “Raja’s seat”.

  • Nagarhole National Park

The wildlife hub which conducts safaris, has sanctuaries which have even tigers on display.

  • Talakveri

The destination for outdoor activity like backpacking, also boasts of sanctuaries, wildlife reservoirs and lakes.

  • The prominent waterfalls like Kanjirakolli and Gonikoppal.
  • Kushalanagar

The tourist destination which has monasteries, Buddhist religious touches, lakes and is also the place to shop at while vacationing at Coorg.

Coorg is the perfect getaway if you are looking this vacation to spend time somewhere that has both man-made attractions and ample touches by Mother Nature. You can have pleasant summer days under the sunshine, drench in rain during monsoon looking at the pretty scenery or take in all that’s picturesque in winter. All that and squeeze in a quick look at a tiger too, or go on that safari you’ve always dreamt about. Plan your vacation according to season and the vacation you want is guaranteed. Happy holidays!

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