Top 15 Homestays in Coorg

The serene and calm hill station of Coorg is located in the state of Karnataka. With an abundant wildlife diversity, beautiful greenery and an ever-pervading mist, this scenic atmosphere is a welcome, away from the bustle of daily life. The best way to enjoy the total ambieconce of the place and experience it fully is to stay at local homestays. Let’s look into some of the most comfortable homestays in and around the hill station.

1. Casa Coorg Homestay

Casa Coorg Homestay
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This beautiful place is located in Bittangala village. Set amidst a lush coffee plantation, the atmosphere makes Casa Coorg Homestay a great place to watch birds, relax and spend time in. The golf course being quite nearby makes this a preferred destination amongst golfers.

2. Deepwoodz Homestay

Deepwoodz Homestay
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The fascinating view from Deepwoodz Homestay and the great hospitability of the owners makes it a favorite amongst tourists. Present in Hoskeri Village, Kodagu, this is an ideal place to visit most tourist spots from.

3. Abbydhama Estate Homestay

Abbydhama Estate Homestay
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Abbydhama Estate Homestay, with its spacious bungalows and stunning location is a must try out for any visitor of Coorg. With delicious food served from separate kitchens for vegetarians and non-vegetarians and an even greater heavenly silence, this homestay, at a distance of 3 kilometers from Madikeri makes the experience in Coorg complete.

4. Chilipili Estate

Chilipili Estate
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A picture-perfect location and an amazing experience is what this retreat guarantees. Situated at a distance of 20 kilometers from Madikeri, Chilipili Estate is a calm location with birds chirping around and cozy campfires during evenings is a great place to spend the time in.

5. Coffee Cottage Homestay

Coffee Cottage Homestay
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An excellent stay is guaranteed for any large group of friends or family in this standalone bungalow. With an amazing hospitality and view of the unmarred beauty of nature, Coffee Cottage Homestay is one top choice of stay for many members.

6. Ajantha Homestay

Ajantha Homestay
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With a unique structure and welcoming ambience, Ajantha homestay is a great picturesque location to enjoy and unwind during the trip to Coorg. Its central location to the local spots is also an added advantage.

7. Bel Home

Bel Home
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Bel Home is like a total cut off from the modern world. The surrounding plantations of pepper, coffee and orange along with the lively caretakers who make sure of the best stay possible, say it all.

8. Mountains & Meadows

Mountains & Meadows
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Located on the Bhagamandala road, Mountains & Meadows with its scintillating view provides a great perspective of the lush plantations and majestic waterfalls. The sound of gushing water and reverberating silence is a welcome change.

9. The Jade Homestay

The Jade Homestay
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Located in Kutta, The Jade Homestay is a quaint place with spotless hospitality, makes the trip a fulfilling one. The mouth-watering local specialties and the open dining adds to the fulfilling experience.

10. Victory Homestay

Victory Homestay
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The magnificent and opulent retreat is located near Tadiandambol Peak in Pollibetta. With a lot of options of fun like hiking, camping and fishing, Victory Homestay is great to lay back and relax.

11. Gelvin Homestay

Gelvin Homestay
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Present in Somvarpet, the beautiful locality and its mesmerizing atmosphere is definitely a lovely way to complete the trip. The proximity to the bus stand and the scrumptious food add to the reasons to stay in Gelvin Homestay.

12. Udaya Homestay

Udaya Homestay
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This amazingly beautiful place of stay, with its picturesque interiors, and spacious outdoors is a never look back for any visitor. Present near Madikeri, Udaya Homestay is for people who want to pamper themselves.

13. Vacanza Estate House

Vacanza Estate House
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Located at Yevakapadi village, this heavenly spot is a stunner indeed. Vacanza Estate House, comfortable stay and finger-licking local cuisine provide a home away from home feel.

14. Crystal Homestay

Crystal Homestay
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Crystal Homestay can rejuvenate you to calming levels. Located in Pollibetta, the central location is great to experience nature to the truest levels and enjoy an amazing time during the Coorg trip.

15. Vatsalya Homestay

Vatsalya Homestay
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Situated in Madikeri, Vatsalya Homestay is a dainty place with its well-maintained gardens and great food. With a price in the lower range, and good facilities nearby, this is one of the best places to spend time in.

The true beauty of the trip to Coorg is the timelessness and stress free environment. With a number of homestays to pamper visitors, Coorg does not disappoint anyone at all.

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