5 Best Houseboats in Srinagar

Srinagar is the mesmerizing summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is incomparable in its breathtaking magnificence. The prime attraction of the region is the serene and calming Dal Lake along with the beautiful trees, majestic mountains and the soul-stirring landscape. Let’s have a look into some of the popular houseboats to stay in and around the Dal and the Nigeen Lake, for a guaranteed amazing experience of the heart and soul of Kashmir.

1. Kashmir Group of Houseboats

Kashmir Group of Houseboats
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The houseboats owned by the Kashmir Group of Houseboats are located on the Nigeen Lake which provides a great view of the stunning scenery around. Spending the days and nights on this paradise is a heavenly and enthralling experience indeed. Waking up to the beautiful sunrises with water glistening all around and witnessing the magnificent sunsets is an experience to be taken in atleast once in a lifetime. The pure rawness of Kashmir and the splendid sublimity can be felt throughout the stay in these masterpieces.

2. De-Laila Group of Houseboats

De-Laila Group of Houseboats
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These traditional houseboats with their intricate interiors are seen situated on the glorious Dal Lake. One of the most famous group of houseboats within Srinagar, these houseboats guarantee an authentic experience for their visitors. De- Laila  group of houseboats owned by this group are located on a space of the Dal Lake such that they face the majestic Shankaracharya Hill. The food served on these stationary houseboats, which bob on the lake, are mouth-wateringly delicious and make it hard to be resisted. Shopping can be done while on the boat as ethnic handicraft sellers keep passing by on their boats to sell their ware.

3. Gurkha Houseboats

Gurkha Houseboats
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A lavish treat waiting to pamper its visitors is what an experience on the boats owned by the Gurkha Houseboats guarantee. The exquisite woodwork and the designs etched on them are breathtakingly eye-catching pieces of artwork. Situated on the famed Dal Lake, these houseboats are set amidst a location on the lake which is surrounded by pretty, wild flowers all around it. Waking up in the morning to this delightful view sets the stage for a marvelous day to follow. The great staff with their well-mannered hospitality make it a home away from home for every tourist who is visiting Srinagar to spend quality time in.

4. Peacock Houseboats

Peacock Houseboats
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Starting from the beginning of the trip with the Shikara ride, upto the time you leave the vicinity of Peacock houseboats, the caretakers will make sure that you have the most incredible experience in the houseboat. Situated on the serene and delightful Nigeen Lake, this houseboat with its amazing ambience, scrumptious local cuisine and highly comfortable rooms make it a favorite amongst the toursits who visit Srinagar. The calming atmosphere and the vivid vibes of the place transfers the visitors into a timelessness, away from the hustle of everyday life.

5. Chicago Group of Houseboats

Chicago Group of Houseboats
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A stay in Chicago group of houseboats add to make a totally fulfilling trip. The strategic location of the boats on the picturesque Dal Lake, gives us the most beautiful of moments during the trip to Srinagar. The chirping birds, continuously bobbing rooms, warm fireplaces and extremely helpful and engaging crew are what makes the stay in these houseboats a perfectly complete and satisfying experience. The ornate designs of the rooms and the furniture does make the visitors feel as special as royalty.

‘Kashmir’s Venice’ is a blossoming region of life and lithe. The truest way of living and feeling the soul of the region is to spend some time in these famed houseboats, which are considered the truest beauty of the region. The houseboats provide a therapeutic effect helping visitors to de-stress, unwind and relax in their vicinity. All these elements combine to give visitors such a great experience that they yearn to return to this gorgeous location time and again.

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