The Best Time to Visit Leh

Leh, located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is the capital of Ladakh.  The picturesque region is located at an altitude of almost 3500 meters, and is the second largest district in India. Thronged by tourists for its serene and majestic ambience, Leh is a place to enjoy the raw beauty of nature. Due to the proximity with Tibet, Leh has a mixture of culture and lifestyle which evokes a sense of oneness in any tourist visiting the place. Let’s have a look at the best activities to carry out and the perfect timings to pursue them.

Photo by Silver Blue, CC BY 2.0
Months                     Conditions               Our Recommendation
April to JuneIt is a good time to visit if you want to escape the summers and go a break, as the climate here is cool and pleasant.Popular Tourist Season
July to AugustMonsoon is a risky time to go, as the rainfalls causes landslides here.Off Season
November to FebruaryWinters are harsh, and most of the roads and activities are restricted. The Chadar trek is best conducted between January and mid-March.Off Season

April to June

The summer is the best time to explore every nook and corner of this mountainous region. The temperature averaging a mild 25 degrees, is the perfect time to hike and take in the shimmering snow-capped mountains. The relatively warm days can be utilized to carry out activities like rafting, cycling and camping keeping in mind that the nights can get a little chillier.

July to September

The monsoon in this region is an irregular affair with the temperature dropping to an average of 10 degrees. The hues of the place turn a little murkier, with rains and landslides making travel a little harder at times. The sunniness in the region can prevail even as the temperature drops during non-rainy days.

October to March

The temperature drops to freezing levels to showcase the true nature of the Himalayan region. Most of the roads and passes close, leading to a lockdown of the region. Even then, there are many winter activities which can be carried out by people seeking out adventure, with the Chadar trek being the most famous activity amongst tourists.

How to Reach

The road trip to Leh is the dream of every travel junkie. The Manali-Leh roadway, known as the Biker’s paradise, is the perfect route to ride during the summer, at ones’ convenience, while at the same time enjoying the mesmerizing view present along the route. The closest railway station which is in Jammu Tawi, is well connected with cities like Srinagar, Delhi and Mumbai but is at a distance of 700 kilometers from Leh. The Leh airport has a good network with cities like Delhi, Chandigarh and Srinagar. Air travel is usually the only option during winter due to blocking of passes on the road.

Leh India
Photo by Silver Blue, CC BY 2.0

Places to Visit

  • The Spituk Monastery

The Spituk monastery, which contains many archaic idols, is a must visit for the enchanting spectacle of the Indus Valley. The ambience of the place takes us back in time with its history and serenity.

  • Leh Palace

This 17th century beauty, located in Namgyal Hill, is similar to the Potala Palace in Tibet. The ruins of the Namgyal Dynasty is under renovation by the Archaeological Survey of India. The paraphernalia of the nobles like their jewelry, ornaments and paintings are kept for public display. The view from the top of the palace is an absolute scintillating spectacle.

  • Shanthi Stupa

Built as part of the Peace Pagoda mission, this white architectural niche attracts visitors who find serenity in both the view and the aura of the atmosphere.

  • Thiksey Monastery

This 12-storey complex is a 15th century monastery built on top of the Thiksey village. The Maitreya Temple contains the majestic structure of Maitreya which evokes a sense of awe in every person who eyes it.

  • Pangog Tso

This brackish water is a stunning beauty with its changing hues and ever enchanting reflections. The pristine panorama of the place has made it a magnet for visitors to spend their time in.

The spell bounding spirit of Leh, with its Tibetan culture and pure beauty has made it famous all over the world. The proximity to nature has made it a heaven on Earth to be visited by every travel junkie.

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