The Best Time to Visit Gulmarg

Gulmarg, located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is at a distance of about 55 kilometers from the capital, Srinagar. Present at an altitude of 2650 meters, the place is swarmed by tourists for the winter sports conducted around the region. Skiing is the popular sport in Gulmarg, which is carried out on the slopes of the Apharwat peak. The dazzling, white mountain peaks and the lush meadow of flowers are what draws visitors to Gulmarg in huge numbers. Let’s go through the popular attractions in Gulmarg and the best activities at various times of the year.

Photo by Basharat Alam Shah, CC BY 2.0
Months                     Conditions               Our Recommendation
March to JuneThis is the most peak season to visit Gulmarg, as the climate is most favourable for sight-seeing and other tourist activities. You can surely plan to go there with your family.Popular Tourist Season
October to FebruaryWinter times are mostly visited by couples and honeymooners. If you love snow, plan your trip from December-end to mid-February.Ideal Time
July to SeptemberThe place looks stunning in rains, although Gulmarg don’t receive much rainfall, but still it’s the off season. If you are a budget traveller, you will surely get good deals.Off Season

April to June

The summer in Gulmarg is a pleasant affair with temperatures averaging around 22 degrees. This is the perfect time to drench oneself in the flamboyant colors of the region which is in full bloom. The ‘Meadow of Flowers’ comes alive and various activities like hiking, trekking and nature photography are carried out in the vibrant environment. The small specks of snow left over from the winter, also add to the visual treat.

July to September

During the monsoon, tourism usually drops though the rainfall isn’t very heavy. The drenched place with its puddles and lakes, is another mood of Gulmarg to be experienced.

October to March

The winter is when the place comes alive with winter sport enthusiasts. Temperatures drop down to freezing levels, which makes the place perfect to pursue skiing and other winter sports like snowboarding. The shimmering mountain peaks, with its sleek white blanket throughout the region is a majestic sight to fall in love with.

How to Reach

By air, Gulmarg can be reached by the well-connected international Srinagar Airport, which is present at a distance of about 50 kilometers away. Gulmarg has a good road network, and is easily accessible through the neighboring cities via buses. Driving through the hairpin bends of the region is also a fun activity which is carried out by visitors. Gulmarg does not have its own railway network, with the nearest railway station being present in Jammu, which is at a distance of about 300 kilometers away.

Gulmarg India
Photo by Peter, CC BY 2.0

Places to Visit

  • Apharwat Peak

The majestic peak, along the slopes of which skiing takes place, mesmerizes anyone visiting it. The winter vista with its pure whiteness gives a mixture of adventure and beauty. The Gondola ride to the top is one of the most pursued activity here. The view from the top is one of breath-taking marvel.

  • Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

This is the place to visit to get to know the varied biodiversity of the region. Fauna like the Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Koklas, Griffon Vulture etc. can be observed in their natural habitat.  The motley of flora is also a dazzling sight.

  • Golf Course

The Golf Course in Gulmarg has the distinction of being the highest golf course in the world. The scenic panorama around the area, with a plethora of hotels offering good dining, make this location a favourite among golf lovers.

  • Outer Circle Walk

This 11-kilometer path is a beautiful route from which the whole of the valley can be viewed. A highly romantic destination, the enchanting view of the meadow and the surrounding landscape is indeed a magical walk to be experienced!

  • Avantiswami Temple

Located on the highway between Anantnag and Srinagar, this temple is an architectural marvel which makes a deep impact on every visitor. Containing two temples, one dedicated to Lord Shiva and the other to Lord Vishnu, the divinity and serenity of the place brings about a certain calmness which is unexplainable. The location of the temple with its Greek architecture is indeed a hypnotizing encounter.

  • Verinag

This spring, situated in the Pir Panjal Range, is believed to have water containing medicinal properties. The octagonal stone basin and the fascinating garden are both intricate pieces of work to be enjoyed around the spring.

Gulmarg is a place blessed with endless beauty which transfixes anyone visiting it. This is why Gulmarg should be a must visit on any travel junkie’s bucket list.

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