Top 5 Hill Stations In Arunachal Pradesh

The mighty Himalayas has its own secret nooks of paradise scattered along the North-Eastern boundary of India. While some of these places are tourist centrals, the ones in the magical state of Arunachal Pradesh remain untouched. Arunachal Pradesh has boundaries with Assam on one side and Bhutan, Burma and China on the other. It is a beautiful and picturesque Himalayan delight that a traveller must visit at least once in his or her lifetime. Known for being home to India’s largest monastery and the world’s second largest monastery – Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Here are top five hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh one must visit:

1. Itanagar

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Itanagar being the capital, is the commercial hub of the state. It is famous for numerous trekking routes that start from this place. One of the most popular places amongst travellers here is the Ita Fort which was constructed in the 15th Century. The city is named after this very fort. The word ‘Ita’ means ‘brick’ in the Ahom language. Another must visit place is the Gompa Buddhist Temple which was consecrated by the Dalai Lama. Itanagar is also home to the Jawaharlal Nehru Museum that showcases the rich tribal culture of the state. Itanagar is well connected by bus as well as helicopter services that ply from Guwahati to Naharlagun (Itanagar).

2. Ziro Valley

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Ziro is the headquarters of the Lower Subansiri District, also popularly known as the Apatani Plateau. It is situated 1500 meters above sea level and is very rich in flora and fauna. One of the must visit places here are the Talley Valley Wildlife sanctuary, which is home to various endangered species. It boasts of silver fir trees, bamboo trees and beautiful orchids because of which this place is a bio-diversity zone. The Meghna Cave temple also attracts a lot of tourists as it is an ancient cave temple that dates back to 5000 years situated on a hill top that provides stunning views of the surroundings. The Ziro valley also has unique places to see like the Tarin Fish Farm that breeds high altitude fishes and is surrounded by pine and bamboo trees. The nearest airport to Ziro is Tezpur and nearest railway station is North Lakhimpur.

3. Bomdila

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Bomdila is situated at a height of 8000ft above sea level. It is surrounded by serene ice caped mountains and the Kangto and Gorichen peaks. Bomdila’s most important spot is the Bomdila monastery. The quiet hill station also has the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary which is home to around 2600 orchids of 80 different species. Bomdila is the perfect go-to destination for family outings and road trips.

4. Pasighat

Pasighat is the oldest town of the state. It is the headquarters of the East Siang District. This place is best for water sports as the Siang River, which is the main tributary of the Brahmaputra, flows right through the city. Popular sightseeing spots are the Daying Erring Wildlife sanctuary, Mouling National Park and Jengging which are known for being the home of various endangered species of flora and fauna alike. You can reach Pasighat from Guwahati, Lakhimpur and Itanagar by bus.

5. Tawang

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The Tawang region is situated between the Gudpi and Chong Chugmi ranges and is known for its scenic beauty. It is also home to the second largest monastery in the world, the Tawang monastery. The monastery houses a 28 feet high statue of Lord Buddha. Tawang is also known for the Indi-China border where one can sip delicious tea and visit the army war memorials around. The town has two waterfalls- Bap Teng Kang and Nuranang falls. The best way to visit this place is to drive down while taking in the scenic beauty of the mountain ranges of the Himalayas that adorn the city.

Arunachal Pradesh is home to rich culture and even richer bio diversity. Its hill stations are yet to be commercialized and that is the very reason behind the serenity of these quaint little places that seem like paradise. If you want to explore, trek and relax in the midst of the Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh is the place to go!

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