Top 10 Seaside Resorts in Vizag

Vishakhapatnam or Vizag as most people like to call it, is home to a number of tourist spots of southern India that have attracted travellers from all round the country and some parts of the world. With these picturesque spots around Vizag comes the requirement of staying at a hotel or resort that will offer a good view of the beaches in Vizag. Worry not, for there are plenty such opportunistic resorts across Vizag that will allow you to feast your eyes over the mesmeric beaches that you won’t be able to forget even if you tried. If you’re still wondering what these amazing resorts are, check out the following list of resorts in Vizag that are seaside wonders.

1. Hill Resort Araku

Araku being one of the remotest and most picturesque locations of Vizag, Hill Resort Araku is the ideal getaway from the bustling city areas in Vizag. Along with various facilities that you’d want in a resort, Hill Resort also brings in the tribal dhimsa dance sometimes to entertain its guests. With thick green wood bordering its area, Hill Resort Araku is truly the best way to kick back and relax.

2. The Park Vishakhapatnam

The Park Vishakhapatnam
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You ask for a lavish hotel or resort and Vizag’s only most luxurious hotel is The Park. It has everything an opulence lover looks for, including sea view from nearly every suite, a landscape of 6 acres, relishing food from multi-cuisine restaurants, 24-hour room service, modern amenities, swimming pool, banquet halls and conference rooms, along with a cherry on top of the fantastic cake that is the rooftop restaurant, you’ve got everything and more at The Park Vishakhapatnam.

3. Rajadhani Hotel

Rajadhani Hotel
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Situated in Araku Valley, Rajadhani Hotel is nestled between lush thickets and a carpet of green that could give your camera something to do. The view of coffee plantations alongside the twisting and turning Ghat road in Vizag is a photographer’s paradise. Add to that the cosy and comfy rooms, picnic spaces, indoor and outdoor games, and a quaint background, there’s nothing more you need on your trip to Vizag with family. You can have the ideal weekend at Rajadhani Hotel and take home some great pictures.

4. Vihar Holiday Inn Resorts

Vihar Holiday Inn Resorts
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One of the latest resorts in Vizag is the Vihar Holiday Inn Resort, which is a fully deluxe air conditioned resort hotel in the city. With an attractive ambience and rooms full of unique décor, Vihar Holiday Inn is slowly gaining popularity amongst frequenters to Vizag. There’s a multi-cuisine restaurant, an enviable view, good hospitality and 24-hour room service to attract you to this new Holiday Inn Resort in Vizag.

5. Jungle Bells Nature Camp

Jungle Bells Nature Camp
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What awaits you at Jungle Bells Nature Camp are the most beautiful and cosy cottages you’ll ever see in Vizag. The speciality of Jungle Bells Nature Camp is the variety of cottages that includes wooden cottages, igloo cottages, New Bridge cottages, and Aerocon fabricated cottages. Within these trusty, delicate accommodations, you’d probably not step out in the city because there’s too much comfort and coolness inside. But combine this with great hospitality and food to die for, you’ve got yourself the ideal retreat.

6. Jaabily Beach Inn

Jaabily Beach Inn
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On the popular and most accessible beach road of Vizag is situated another beach resort known as Jaabily Beach Inn. A great view coupled with modern facilities to suit the requirements of guests of all kinds, standard rooms and low cost rooms that are easily available on request etc. plus a restaurant that offers authentic south Indian food, Jaabily Beach Inn is a low-budget yet equally pleasing a resort in Vizag that has no chance of disappointing its guests.

7. SVL Sea View Resorts

Beach view, indoor and outdoor games, standard rooms and luxury suites, children’s playground, swimming pool and the stunning backdrop of Vizag’s natural beauty, SVL Sea View Resorts is one of the many popular resorts in Vizag. The hospitality is generous and pleasing, the food is delectable and unavoidable, so you really can’t ask for anything more when you’re at the ideal resort in Vizag. Plus, you also get a great view to accompany your trip.

8. Krishnatara Comforts

Krishnatara Comforts
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A cosy atmosphere is probably everyone’s thing, and Hotel Krishnatara Comforts lets you have as much cosiness as you’d need during a vacation. Have a lazy trip to Vizag and rest in the comfy rooms of Krishnatara Comforts, take a walk through the gorgeous gardens, visit the popular tourist spots located pretty close by, and dine at the multi-cuisine restaurant within the resort, along with the view of the sea taking your breath away. Krishnatara Comforts is the perfect place to find a quiet, uninterrupted sojourn in Vizag away from the city.

9. Sterling Holiday Resorts

Sterling Holiday Resorts
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A perfect holiday is at Sterling Holiday Resorts, the chain of resorts that has taken many tourist destinations in India by storm. It does not disappoint in Vizag either. With as much a picturesque surrounding as it can possibly muster, Sterling offers a view like no other. Luxurious rooms and standard apartments that are there to suit everyone’s requirements, Sterling Holiday Resorts will leave no stone unturned in making your holiday the perfect one.

10. The Gateway Hotel and Resorts

The Gateway Hotel and Resorts
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Situated perfectly on Beach Road, where it can be spotted effortlessly, the Gateway Hotel and Resorts is a tourist’s paradise. It comes with luxurious suites and rooms with a beach-view and various other modern amenities to keep you rooted. Multi-cuisine restaurants, banquet halls, conference rooms, swimming pool, 24-hour room service and a view of the sea that will do everything in its power to entrance you, there is nothing more you could ask for at Gateway.

You can fulfil all your beach fantasies by staying at the aforesaid wonderful resorts of Vizag that will be nothing but rejuvenating and comforting during your stay. Since most of the tourist spots in Vizag are close to these resorts, there’s really nothing to repel you from making your next booking.

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