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Amalapuram is a great place to opt for if you look forward to a rendezvous with nature. Picturesque landscapes, lush greenery with plenty of palm trees and dense coconut grooves with canals running through at various places, the visual pleasure the land offers is beyond description. It is the headquarters of Konaseema, delta of Godavari. The town has some of the most famous temples in Andhra Pradesh. Since it is the land of five important temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is called Panchalingapuram. With Amalapuram offering easy access to various important tourist attractions nearby, the place has become a hot tourist destination.

Amalapuram ranks third in the list of the most developed towns of East Godavari district, the first two being Rajahmundry and Kakinada. The town stands as a symbol for cultural richness and it houses various famous educational institutions as well. Your tour to Amalapuram would be memorable as you get to stay in one of the most scenic places in the state of Andhra Pradesh and it is the right place to do a great touring around to visit other famous attractions nearby.

Amaleswara, Sidheswara, Chandramouleeswara, Ramilingeswara and Chennamalleeswara are the five Shiva temples that gave the name of Panchalingapuram to Amalapuram. Apart from these temples, you could visit various other temples located near Amalapuram. Let us look into three of the temples situated near the spectacular town.

1. Appanapalli Temple

Photo by Kotikalapudi S V D Prasad, CC BY-SA 3.0 

The temple is located 13 kms from Amalapuram. It is famously called as Sri Bala Balaji Devastanam. Located on the shores of Vynateya River, the significance attached to the temple can be gauged by the fact that it is considered second Tirupati. The location of the temple is awe-inspiring as it is surrounded by Godavari River on three sides and to its fourth side is the Bay of Bengal. Wide expanse of paddy fields, coconut grooves, jack trees and mango trees in the area immediately win you over. Your spirits soar to great heights at the amazing setting of the temple. The sculptures in the temple try to challenge the natural scenery outside by drawing your attention to the intricate designs and workmanship involved in the making. You are going to be hooked by the extraordinary beauty of the place.

2. Ainavilli Siddhi Vinayaka Temple

Siddhi Vinayaka temple in Ainavilli is 14 kms away from Amalapuram. The temple has two towers and two entrance gates. The two entrance gates of the temple take you to two different deities, one to Lord Siddhi Vinayaka and the other to Sri Visveswara Swamy. The temple towers are impressive with delicate artistry. The location of the temple is spectacular with large expanse of lush greenery and coconut grooves in great numbers.

3. Sree Veereswara Swamy Temple, Muramulla

Sree Veereswara Swamy Temple at Muramulla is yet another famous temple in the vicinity of Amalapuram. The uniqueness of the temple is being one among the few temples where you could find the goddess sharing the same platform with the god. The beliefs associated with the temple apart, the beauty of the location and the intricate workmanship displayed in the temple attract you a lot. The temple is located on the shores of River Gauthami, which branches off River Godavari. The surroundings of the temple will captivate your soul, as the place is abundant with the beauties of nature in the form of rich greenery, paddy fields and coconut grooves.

That is not all about Amalapuram’s near by destinations. There are various temples and if you travel a bit further, you will find more tourist destinations that are beyond the boundaries of religion. If you are more for nature than for a hectic holiday, places to visit in Amalapuram are the right places to unwind and let the steam off. Stretch your legs and have a feel of the earth beneath you in the land where nature has delivered some of its best. To checkout other attractions in Andhra Pradesh, please visit this link.

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