Top 5 Places in Maredumilli

Maredumilli which is a popular tourist spot in Andhra Pradesh is 87 kilometers from Rajahmundry. It is a place which you would like to visit if you are a true nature lover and have a flair for exploring the typical tribal life style. There are rivers, rapids and waterfalls and there are some immensely intriguing camping regions nearby which makes it a good spot for picnicking during weekends. Rainy seasons attract the people the most when the valleys become green and livid with fresh flora all around. Maredumilli is easily reachable from Kakinada, Vizag and Hyderabad. Visitors come for a trip during the day and leave in the evening. From Vishakhapatnam it takes four hours and is at a distance of 225 kilometers.

1. Jalatarangini Waterfalls

The area in and around Maredumilli has many rippling streams and waterfalls that gush out and flows over rocks into the dense woods. The traveler’s heart leaps up on seeing the natural splendors and it is obvious that he goes into raptures experiencing the bounteous gifts of Nature.

Near the numerous little waterfalls at the waterfall region of Maredumilli are the Jalatarangini waterfalls which are only ten kilometers away frequented by people. This is closer to the main road where people hiking on bikes can take a break here.

2. Swarnadhara and Rampa waterfalls

Nearby are the Swarnadhara waterfalls which are at a distance of twenty kilometers from Jalatarangini. The place is surrounded by huge mango trees with trunks as big and round as those of banyan trees. The place can be trekked although the way is bit too steeper around the dense, deep woods. Peacocks can be heard nearby. The Rampa waterfalls are there nearby at a distance of thirty six kilometers from Maredumilli. A jeep ride to the Rampa falls from Rampachodavaram is a great way to reach the falls. A ten kilometers walk should take you to the Rampa Falls. The water at the falls tastes sweet. Nearby the old Shiva Temple can be visited. Medicinal Plants and bamboo trees and shrubs are the major plants in this region.

3. Karthikavanam and the Vali Sugriva Medicinal Plants Conservation Area

The Karthikavanam area is a region rampant with natural vegetation and filled with Amla or Gooseberry trees and Maredu or Bael. The plants conservation area is an open laboratory for the scholars researching on medicinal plants. The 203 species of medicinal plants and rare ones too can be found here.

4. Madanikunj-Vihara Sthal

Madanikunj-Vihara Sthal is a wonderful place for picnicking and taking a retreat into the lap of nature. The place has a good number of pine plans and clumps of the Golden Bamboo. The animals are tiger, bison, panther, jungle fowl, peacocks mainly with wide varieties of butterflies.

5. Jungle Star

The Jungle Star has an exotic name to attract people. It is located near to the Valamuru River. The Streams overflow on the three sides and it is also a camping site that provides a great opportunity to stay over for the night in the woods near the Eastern Ghats. Bali and Sugriva of The Ramayana are said to have battled in this region. The hillocks along with the forests and other grasslands bring up the legendary stories in our minds. There is opportunity for trekking run by the Dept. of Forests of the Andhra Pradesh government. There is opportunity for both adventure trekking and cross country trekking.

In Maredumilli, there is the quiet and serene of Nature in the tourist spots where they can stay under the canopies of tree covers to spend most of their time. The interiors of the resorts have all amenities for the tourists. They can listen to the traditional songs and dances and also listen to the call of the wild to keep off boredom. Thus the Maredumilli forest reservation project and the Eco Tourism project is a great experience for any tourist. The area has many flowing streams and big rocks undulating that add to the scenic grandeur of the place. Besides the serenity of the place gives a welcome call to the travelers who enjoy a few day’s peace in the bosom of Nature in great comfort and care of the tourist resorts run by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

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