Top 8 Places To Visit In Kadapa

Located near River Penna banks, Kadapa offers picturesque view with Palkonda Hills and Nallama Hills surrounding it. The city has a rich historical association. This ancient town has seen the reigns of many famous empires. Hence, the influences of various cultures are still found in the city and its lifestyle. Let us look into the 8 places to visit in Kadapa that would highlight the city’s cultural richness and fine artistry.

1. Belum Caves

Photo by Ashwin Kumar, CC BY-SA 2.0

More than million years old, Belum Caves is the longest caves in the Indian Subcontinent. The 3229-meter long caves rank second in the list of largest caves found in the subcontinent. The presence of the cave here was discovered by Robert Bruce Foote, a British surveyor in the year 1884. The cave was explored extensively by H. Daniel Gabauer and his team of speleologists from Germany. The deepest point of the cave from its entrance lies at 150 feet beneath, which is called Pataalaganga.

2. Gandikota Fort

Photo by Lalithamba, CC BY 2.0

Belonging to the 13th century, Gandikota Fort is one of the most important tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh. The architecture is inspired by Vijayanagar style and Quli Qutb style. The fort is one of the largest in India. The fort is famous for the gorge. It is located in a scenic landscape with rich natural resources. Deep valleys and hills surrounding the fort, it remained almost invincible. The fort houses an expansive palace, temple and a mosque.

3. Sidhout Fort

Sidhout Fort is located on Pennar River banks. The fort was constructed in the year 1303 AD and it covers a massive 30-acre land. The two gateways with embellished pillars stand proof of the architectural splendor of the bygone era. The carvings on the gateways are intricate and the 17 square bastions that formed protection to the fort are marvelous. The fort has temples rich in sculptures and this fort is considered the gateway to Dakshina Kasi.

4. Bhagvan Mahavir Government Museum

The collections at Bhagvan Mahavir Government Museum include artifacts that have historical significance. Inscriptions pertaining to ancient era are found here. Ancient idols of gods belonging to as early as 5th century are preserved here. The antiques seen here are from excavations at various places including Kadapa, Kurnool and Hyderabad. The museum was established in 1982 by the state government and it is the perfect place to visit if you want to have an insight into the historical past of Kadapa.

5. Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary

Photo by ShashiBellamkonda, CC BY 2.0

Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the important tourist attractions here. If you love nature and wildlife, you would not want to miss this sanctuary, which is home to over 100 species of birds and 1500 varieties of plants. The wildlife found here includes hyena, sambar, sloth bear, spotted deer, black buck and many more. The sanctuary, which was established in the year 1989, is breathtaking with picturesque landscape that elevates your spirits.

6. Pushpagiri

Photo by Rpratesh, CC BY-SA 3.0

Pushpagiri is a beautiful place, which is considered sacred as it has many temples and a favorite pilgrimage. The place is unique has it is a symbol that stands for both Hindu faiths namely Saiva and Vaishnava. It is famously called the Second Hampi. The largest temple in the region is Chennakesava Swamy temple, which is frequented by tourists as well.

7. Ontimitta

Photo by Kashyap Kondamudi, CC BY-SA 3.0 

Those who visit Kadapa do not miss visiting Ontimitta, which has the famous Sri Kodandarama Swami Temple. The idols of three Hindu gods in the temple are carved off a single rock. The temple displays certain events from two famous epics of Hinduism namely Ramayana and Mahabharata in art forms. The temple was described by Tavernier, famous French traveler, as one among the grandest pagodas in entire India. A must visit site even if you are not a devotee.

8. Ameen Peer Dargah

Ameen Peer Dargah was constructed by Sufi Saint Peerullah Hussaini in the year 1683. The Dargah is visited by people who follow various faiths and hence it stands as a symbol of harmony that crosses all man made barriers. It is believed that Peerullah Hussaini is a descendent of Mohammed, the Prophet. It is believed that a wish made by a visitor here is fulfilled. The shrine is in a serene location and offers peace of mind.

If you plan your holiday to visit somewhere serene with rich cultural background, tourist places in Kadapa could be your natural choice. While the forts give you an insight into the grandeur of the past, places of various faiths give you an idea about the various influences that had been prevalent. The wildlife sanctuary amidst the dense forests takes you to a different world. Kadapa, in short, is a perfect destination if you seek to remain close to nature on an ancient land.

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