Top 10 Beaches in Visakhapatnam

Rushikonda Beach

The largest city in Andhra Pradesh has the biggest number of surprises when it comes to satisfying tourists. This warm and hospitable town makes the most of its rich culture and offers numerous opportunities for cultural, historic and natural exploration. The place has museums that house submarines and temples that house secrets to spirituality. You can learn about history at the war memorials or bask in the sun at the innumerable beaches. Whatever may be your area of interest, it is the shade of the palm trees and the warm glow of the sun kissed sand that will captivate your attention the most. So, no matter where you drive to, be sure to keep coming back to these top ten beaches in Vishakhapatnam for experiencing the most memorable moments of all.

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Top 10 Seaside Resorts in Vizag

Sterling Holiday Resorts

Vishakhapatnam or Vizag as most people like to call it, is home to a number of tourist spots of southern India that have attracted travellers from all round the country and some parts of the world. With these picturesque spots around Vizag comes the requirement of staying at a hotel or resort that will offer a good view of the beaches in Vizag. Worry not, for there are plenty such opportunistic resorts across Vizag that will allow you to feast your eyes over the mesmeric beaches that you won’t be able to forget even if you tried. If you’re still wondering what these amazing resorts are, check out the following list of resorts in Vizag that are seaside wonders.

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8 Stunning Places To Visit In Visakhapatnam

Going by the size, the port city Visakhapatnam ranks second amongst the cities in Andhra Pradesh. It owns the credit of having the oldest shipyard in India and it houses natural harbor that is one of its kind on the Indian east coast. With its location contributing to the picturesque landscapes of the city, its rich cultural past adds immense value to its name. If you look for a destination that would keep your spirits soaring with natural beauties and manmade wonders, Visakhapatnam, popularly known as Vizag is the right place. Here are the 8 places to visit in Visakhapatnam that you need to include on your visit to the city.

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