Top 10 Beaches in Visakhapatnam

The largest city in Andhra Pradesh has the biggest number of surprises when it comes to satisfying tourists. This warm and hospitable town makes the most of its rich culture and offers numerous opportunities for cultural, historic and natural exploration. The place has museums that house submarines and temples that house secrets to spirituality. You can learn about history at the war memorials or bask in the sun at the innumerable beaches. Whatever may be your area of interest, it is the shade of the palm trees and the warm glow of the sun kissed sand that will captivate your attention the most. So, no matter where you drive to, be sure to keep coming back to these top ten beaches in Vishakhapatnam for experiencing the most memorable moments of all.

1. Rama Krishnan (RK) Beach

Rama Krishnan (RK) Beach
Photo by Adityamadhav83, CC BY-SA 3.0

These exquisite twin beaches overlooking the gigantic Bay of Bengal Sea are a beautiful place to relax and unwind. A number of activities are organized at this beach, for your pleasure. These include boating and water surfing, or just plain sunbathing can be enjoyed on the soft golden sands of the beach. Rama Krishnan beach is also in close proximity to a number of important landmark figures, which can be easily visited from the beach.

2. Palm Beach

Palm Beach
VUDA Park, Photo by Adityamadhav83, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to spread your blanket and unpack the picnic basket, Palm Beach should be right choice for you. The place is located adjacent to the RK Beach, as is a much more private and cozy area. You can truly feel at one with nature here, with no one to disturb. What makes this beach super special is the presence of the VUDA Park, a beautifully ornate attraction that is famous for hosting families on their picnic expeditions.

3. Yarada Beach

Yarada Beach
Photo by Rajib Ghosh, CC BY 2.0

A heavenly layout of the mountain-beach duality makes for the perfect scenario to enjoy magical holiday moments. The Yarada beach is a popular beach in Vishakhapatnam as it is surrounded by the mammoth hills as well as the huge Bay of Bengal, adding to the grandeur of its beauty. The beach is also embraced by lush greenery and beautiful palm trees that add to the play of colours on the entire landscape, making it an ideal beach for nature lovers.

4. Rushikonda Beach

Rushikonda Beach
Photo by Amit Chattopadhyay, CC BY 2.0

This neat and tidy beach is well maintained for you to enjoy some lively moments with your family and loved ones. Rushikonda beach is a cozy place where recreational activities are available in abundance. You can enjoy exciting water sports like wind surfing and water skiing, however do avoid swimming in the huge tidal waves. Besides its natural beauty, the place also has an added attraction – the dolphin’s nose, a beautiful rock structure.

5. Bheemli Beach

Bheemli Beach
Photo by Adityamadhav83, CC BY-SA 3.0

An hour’s drive from Vishakhapatnam will take you to into the welcoming arms of this warm beach. The Bheemli Beach is a lovely spot for families to spend quiet moments of solitude and relaxation. The beach is not just a source of natural delights for the visitors but also offers some historical knowledge to them. Assumed to be named after the PandavaBheem, the place has ruins of forts and temple structures are also found alongside the beach’s line of palm trees and other green vegetation.

6. Kalingapatnam Beach

This remote beach, in the truest sense of the term, can really be just the place a solitude hungry traveler needs. The sparkling waters, with sun kissed sand is a source of immense happiness and joy for many of its visitors. The nearby villages, with their gleefully painted bungalows and exquisite temples will surely make Kalingapatnam beach, one of the best beaches for you to visit.

7. Mangamaripeta Beach

Another culturally and naturally endowed beach, this one in the vicinity of Vishakhapatnam is surely one of the most magnificent ones. The beach has a Buddhist complex located at a considerable height on the beach, which many visitors come specially to see. Besides, Mangamaripeta beach offers a lovely environ to lay back and catch a glimpse of the rhythmic waves as they seem to drown you in their enticing charm.

8. Gangavaram Beach

Gangavaram Beach
Photo by Sdasaka, CC0 1.0

This beach is truly a nature lover’s abode. The Gangavaram beach, overlooking a Krishna Temple as well as the deep blue sea is a perfect spot to experience liveliness and bliss. Many people visit this beach’s mesmerizing sands to simply unwind and relax, whereas others come here to witness a huge hill structure emanating from the middle of the sea.

9. Lawson’s Bay Beach

Lawson’s Bay Beach
Photo by Adityamadhav83, CC BY-SA 3.0

A quaint beach that offers scenic views of the sea, Lawson’s beach is one of the most famous ones in Vishakhapatnam. The place is covered with cool and soft sands, which make better comforters that your slippers, so it’s best you walk barefoot. The calming waves of the sea make it the perfect spot to enjoy some light and refreshing swimming and shallow water surfing as well.

10. Kondakarla Ava Beach

This huge beach is always brimming with some activity or another, making it one of the liveliest beaches in town. Kondakarla Ava beach offers numerous activities such as kayaking and sailing, which can either be experienced firsthand, or even watching others try their hand at it is an enjoyable activity. The place becomes a bird watching field when migratory birds visit its waters during the summers. The place is surrounded by a full bloom of lush greenery and happiness.

The lovely town of Vishakhapatnam has so many lovely beaches to offer to its valuable visitors. Make the most of your trip by spending some magical moments in the ever-glowing beaches of Vishakhapatnam.

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