15 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Andaman Islands

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands form an archipelago that is quite famous all over the world. It is this same divine beauty accompanied by the zeal of indulging in various adventure sports that draws plenty of tourists all the year round to this mirth of heaven. Popular adventure sports like Snorkeling, Underwater Diving, Boating, Kayaking and others form a major tourist attraction in the islands. Of these activities, it has been observed that the Scuba Diving activity is the most popular adventure sport chosen by the tourists at the islands because of the ample beauty that the sea bed has in store for the visitors. Thus, as Scuba Diving is the most flourishing adventure sport, it is beneficial to give an insight into the 15 best Scuba Diving spots in the islands of Andaman for the tourists to enjoy an adventurous and a memorable trip.

1. Lighthouse, Havelock Islands

Lighthouse Havelock
Photo by Shimjithsr, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Lighthouse, located in the heart of the Havelock Islands, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in that region. While in most of the places, the adventurous sports are conducted in broad daylight, the Lighthouse is one such place where Scuba Diving can be performed at night by each and every lover of adventure provided the health limitations are met. With the torchlight giving way to the dazzling sea bed and casting a glow upon the colourful species of aquatic animals, the trip to the hidden world at night is truly a breath-taking experience.

2. Aquarium, Havelock Islands

Located in the Havelock Islands, the Aquarium is a safe place as the water currents are mild and predictable. Hence, Scuba Diving can be performed by beginners and children at this location under the strict vigilance of a guide. The sea bed there displays plenty of colourful fishes and a stretch of coral reef that dazzles the eye and melts the heart. The pulsating heart beat felt by a beginner underwater is something that is cherished by all and this, in turn, increases the liking for Scuba Diving in hearts of every tourist.

3. Mac Point, Havelock Islands

Mac Point
Photo by Abhijeet Rane, CC BY 2.0

Mac Point is the most loved Scuba Diving spot in the Havelock Islands because of the unique beauty that it has in store for the lovers of adventure. This is the place where coral reefs and colourful fishes are not the end of what can be spotted near the sea bed. This place offers a swim with the dugongs, a mammal species that is quite uncommon among the people who have not taken part in extensive Scuba Diving or zoological studies. Thus, this is a fantastic opportunity where the tourists can get a clear and a close view of the dugongs swimming freely in the ocean.

4. Barracuda City, Havelock Islands

Havelock Island
Photo by PublicDomainPictures, CC0 1.0

Remember seeing the commercials regarding the enchanting tourism in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands that flags at least one scene where the tourists are seen swimming with the turtles? Well, this is not a joke as this can be literally experienced at the Barracuda City located in the Havelock Islands. Along with the definite view of numerous fishes and corals, this Scuba Diving experience comes with a bang! You can actually swim with the turtles! Now, isn’t that awesome? However, you have to keep just one thing in mind that since this Scuba Diving goes down to greater depths, this is not allowed for the beginners at all. So, you need to be an experienced diver up to some extent to enjoy this prolific beauty.

5. Seduction Point, Havelock Islands

Staghorn Coral
Staghorn corals, Photo by Adona9, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Seduction Point is yet another gem in the collection of jewels in the Havelock Islands. This place is suitable for both the beginners and the intermediate divers. The biggest attraction of the Seduction Point is the presence of the Staghorn Corals that are quite rare and, hence, are a pleasure to the eyes of every Scuba Diver.

6. Margherita’s Mischief, Neil Islands

Contrary to the name, the Margherita’s Mischief is actually one of the calmest places in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands where Scuba Diving can be experienced by both beginners and experts. This place is a marvel among the Scuba Diving Spots in the Neil Islands because of the wide variety of marine life that can be surely spotted at this place. With crystal, clear water providing a clear view of what lies ahead of the big boulders on the soft sand of the sea bed, this place is a diver’s paradise. Thus, even though luck plays a major role when it comes to spotting a species of the ocean, a diver, in this region, need not be that lucky to get a close view of exotic marine creatures such as Dugongs, Batfish, Pufferfish, Angelfish, Soldier fish, Blue-spotted Stingrays and Yellow Snappers.

7. K Rock, Neil Islands

Neil Island
Photo by Ankur P, CC BY-SA 2.0

The K Rock, situated in Neils Island is cherished by the tourists from all over the world because of its geographical importance. This place is none other than the manifestation of volcanic rock surrounded by the clear water with mild currents. Thus, the Scuba Diving activity performed at this very place is suitable for the beginners as well. Along with the attraction of viewing the volcanic rock, this zone also gives an insight into a spectacular marine life comprising of Butterflyfish, Soldierfish, Snappers and Sweetlips.

8. Bus Stop, Neil Islands

The Bus Stop at Neil Islands is an easy spot for Scuba Diving and is loved by the beginners because of the sloping sea bed leading to stretches of colourful coral reefs and various fishes.

9. Junction, Neil Islands

The Junction is technically situated at the junction point of the Havelock Islands and the Neil Islands and, thus, has been named so. This is an exotic place for Scuba Diving but is strictly unsuitable for beginners and intermediates. Due to the strong water currents that sometimes arise in this region and the presence of some dangerous creatures like the Reef Shark, only the expert Scuba Divers get to experience a magnificent aquatic life such as Lionfishes, Marlin, Trevally and Barracudas.

10. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Wandoor, Port Blair

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park Wandoor
Photo by Sirsendu Gayen, CC BY-SA 4.0

As the name suggests, the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is perhaps that location in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands that houses an extensive collection of aquatic flora and fauna. With the help of a guide, as the tourists traverse through a bed of enchantment. The scene before the eyes looks like it has emerged out of the fairy tales and, thus, leaves the spectators staring in awe.

11. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Jolly Buoy, Port Blair

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
Photo by Nilanjan Pathak, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at Jolly Bouy in Port Blair is one of the most thrilling places where the lovers of adventure can spend some quality time. By far, this is one of the most colourful places under water in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Surprisingly, not many people visit the park at this end and, thus, the exclusive beauty of this place can be enjoyed in seclusion.

12. North Point, Cinque Island

North Andaman
Photo by Hrishikeshjoshi10, Public Domain

The North Point in the Cinque Island is known for the great depth up to which the Scuba Divers are allowed to traverse to experience a wide range of colourful flora and fauna. Because of the depth, only the expert divers are allowed to lose oneself in the enchanting beauty that lies close to the sea bed.

13. Bala Reef, Little Andaman Island

The Bala Reef is a rainbow by itself due to the colourful coral reef and fishes adorning that region. Thus, the Scuba Divers take immense pleasure in exploring the nooks and corners of this place to discover an unexplored range of colour spectrum.

14. Fish Rock, Passage Island

The Fish Rock, as the name suggests, is a world of its own which is adorned with lovely rocks, sponges and colourful fishes. To experience this divine beauty, the lovers of adventure often take to Scuba Diving in this region.

15. Corruption Rock, Rutland Island

Rutland Island
Photo by scheherezade, CC BY-SA 2.0

Reading about mountains hidden in the ocean is too common a practice. However, have you actually thought of how majestic the sight would look like if you actually got to experience the same in reality? If experiencing this is a dream of yours, then the Corruption Rock is the perfect place for you to visit. As you go Scuba Diving in that region, you will come across ridges, canyons, channels and valleys that are a breathtaking sight and narrate a story of the ancient world. Along with this geographical significance, the gorgeous flora and fauna making their way around the shipwrecks are a magnificent sight and, thus, this place is popular among the Scuba Divers.

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a paradise in an enchanting way. This is the place that offers various adventure sports for those people who want to step out from the monotony of life. The adventure sports like Scuba Diving help the tourists to feel every breath that they take in and, thus, they get to value their precious life as a whole. The beauty at the bottom of them sea simply leaves them spellbound and fills their heart and mind with a renewed courage and determination to face every obstacle in life. They are born afresh to revel in the bounty of nature and bow down before this divine beauty with awe. Thus, a trip to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a must for every tourist at least once in a lifetime to experience paradise on the earth.

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