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Amritsar Heritage Walk, Amritsar

The term refers to a guided tour which covers the town of Amritsar knee deep exploring the majority of parts of the town and a comprehensive look within the city’s 4 century old history. The walk covers a distance of about 3 kilometres; you will get to visit all the Akhara Bungas, Hattis, Havelis and Katras that characterise the majestic town.

Photo by Dinesh Bareja, CC BY 2.0

Witness the traditional arts and crafts of the city, still practiced like they have been since ages. You will surely be mesmerized by the intricately carved wooden facades that characterize the city. The guides provide a deep insight in the origins of the city of Amritsar and you will get to know numerous facts about the city and its culture. If you were not very impressed by the city on your visit, this walk will totally change your mind. The price can be called ‘dirt cheap’ as it involves a meager sum of Rs. 25 per person, the walk ends with a scrumptious serving of the delicious ‘Amritsari Kulcha’ (leavened stuffed Indian bread).

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