Top 5 Places to Visit in Williamnagar

Williamnagar is the headquarter of the East Garo Hills District in Meghalaya. The well-planned township was named after the first Chief Minister of the state, Williamson A. Sangma. The district is mainly populated by the Garo tribe and so, the local culture is shaped up by the Garo tradition. Being a planned city, Williamnagar has the facilities of a modern town unlike the other towns of Meghalaya.

Here is the list of top 5 places to visit in Williamnagar.

1. Simsang River

The beautiful Simsang river flows through the city of Williamnagar; so, the city was called ‘Simsanggre’ before 1976, when it was christened ‘Williamnagar’. The river finds its source in the Nokrek peak. ‘Sim’ means a salt lick; there is a sim in the nearby area where wild animals pay regular visit.

Simsang River is called the Someshwari river when it flows through Bangladesh. During the winter, a fishing festival is held on the banks of Simsang, by the local villagers.

2. Naphak Lake

The beautiful Naphak lake was previously haunted by spirits, according to the local faith! Now people enjoy fishing here, as a large variety of fishes inhabit the clear water. Lovely birds dwell the trees here and fill the air with their melodious chirp. The beautiful lake was created after an enormous earthquake in 1897. Its distance from Songsak is 6 km. The unearthly scenic beauty of the lake makes it an attractive tourist spot.

3. Rongbang Falls

The Rongbang falls or the Rongbang Dare is situated on the Tura-Williamnagar road. The fall looks most beautiful during the rainy season. A panoramic view of the falls can be experienced from the highway. Bordered by ecstatic hills, the falls has its charming and lively presence amidst the verdant shades of nature.

4. Naka Chikong

Naka Chikong is found in Badaka village, 120 km from Williamnagar. In the middle of River Ildek, a big rock can be seen with deep hollows within it; it is known as Naka Chikong. The holes in the rock are crowded with fishes.

5. Rongrengiri

Rongrengiri is situated on the left bank of River Simsang. The reserve forest in Rongrengiri is covered with Sal trees. The brave warrior from the Garo race, Pa Togan, resisted British invasion in the East Garo region and finally was defeated by the foreigners. A memorial has been erected in his name in Rongrengiri.

Meghalaya is the place where the pristine essence of nature has been preserved for years. While you are staying at Williamnagar, you can visit the places mentioned above, to experience the ecstasy of nature.

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