Top 5 Places To Visit In Cherrapunji

If you are one among the many that come from a place that is hot most of the months in a year, you are sure to love your visit to Cherrapunji even if it is for a few days. Is not being on earth’s second wettest place a state of bliss even if it lasts for a short while? Cherrapunji, a scenic town in Meghalaya, is the only place in India to receive rainfall throughout the year. Nature not only showers the land with rain round the year but also has been fabulously generous to this place, which is evident from the scenic landscapes here. Here are the top 5 places to visit in Cherrapunji.

1. Nohkalikai Falls

Photo by Pankaj Kaushal, CC BY-ND 2.0 

Nohkalikai Falls is naturally the top destination in Cherrapunji. The breathtaking waterfalls is the tallest plunge waterfall in the country falling from a height of 1115 feet and it is the fourth highest in the world. Falling from a plateau that receives the highest rainfall, the waterfalls roars on its way down, which is a breathtaking sight. It has carved a waterhole where it falls and the waterhole is in blue color in winter and green color in summer. The views from the falls are spectacular. The plains of Bangladesh are visible from here. The waterfalls has a legend attached to it, which is gory and it is best left without mention.

2. Mawsmai Cave

Like almost everything else, does nature have a dark side too? Yes, you might wonder when you visit Mawsmai Cave gives you a thrilling experience exploring in darkness not knowing for how long you had been crawling, squeezing and trying not to get hit on the head as in some places the roof level is lower. There is a light system though, may be it fails occasionally. However, it should add more magic to your exploration. When lit, you could enjoy the minute details of the cave, details of the formation of rocks and their patterns. A complete work of nature indeed and hence Mawsmai Cave needs to be visited on your tour to Cherrapunji.

3. Dainthlen Falls

Dainthlen Falls is located nearly 5 km from the city. Legend goes that the people of the land killed a big snake that lived in the cave nearby. The rock carvings seen here of the snake are said to represent the symbols of evil and greed. Being a soft waterfall, you may not hear the roaring sounds of water falling but still, the atmosphere is electric. The breathtaking views are a treat to your eyes. Right from the drive to the waterfalls in itself is a spectacular sight.

4. Thangkharang Park

Thangkharang Park is located 12 km from the city. Overlooking the Kynrem Falls, the park is located on the edge of a cliff. The 180 degree view of the Bangladesh plains are beautiful. So are the views of the majestic hills and the seventh highest waterfalls, the Kynrem Falls. Yet another view that captivates your attention is the Khoh Ramhah rock. The rock is of single formation and it looks like an overturned basket of giant size and hence called Giant Basket. The play area here keeps the kids entertained.

5. Nohsngithiang Falls

Famously called the Seven Sister Falls and Mawsmai Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls is the 4th highest waterfalls in the country. It falls down from 1035 feet height. As seven streams flow down the plateau, the falls is called Seven Sister Falls. The view of the waterfalls with the limestone cliffs at the backdrop is spectacular. The entire atmosphere is serene making it a wonderful place to unwind. The best time to visit the place is during monsoon. Image Credits @ insectatorious

Cherrapunji attractions are more. Enchanting beauty of the land and its unparallel weather conditions make the place a most sought after destination. Have you been there already? If yes, do share more information on other destinations you had been to in Cherrapunji. After all, who would not love to hear more about a cool attraction?

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