A Complete Tour Guide to Jowai Hill Station

Located in Jaintia Hills in the state of Meghalaya, Jowai is a marvel to behold. Jowai is a hill station which is famous for its exuberant landscape and lush greenery. It is mostly inhabited by the local Pnar tribes, who have resided here for centuries. The hill station is situated at an altitude of 1380 meters and is headquarters to West Jaintia Hills. Jowai hill station is rich in a wide range of flora and fauna while the vast grasslands prove to be a vital source of food for livestock to feed on. The Pnar tribe lives mostly on farming and animal husbandry for their food source. Besides agriculture, they are known artisans and potters. The Pnar are a celebratory people. Their traditional attire and folk dances radiate peculiar charm and a deep resonance with culture. Jowai is also the trade center and business hub of the entire Jaintia district. There are a multitude of offices, healthcare centers, colleges and schools established in Jowai for the upliftment of the entire Jaintia district.

Photo by Kinshuk Kashyap, CC BY 2.0

Climatic Conditions

During the summer, Jowai is moderately warm. The average temperature in this region ranges between 22 degree centigrade and 30 degree centigrade and humidity is at a minimum. Cool winds blow through the summer and no woolens are required. The winter months bring slight chill in the winds. Winters are moderately cold in Jowai and demand the requirement light woolen garments. The coldest month here is January. It may get slightly chilly during the middle of the month here. The minimum temperatures during the winter reach 10 degree centigrade whereas maximum temperature is 22 degree centigrade. Monsoons are pleasant with slight rains that stay from June till September. The weather during this time turns humid and pleasant. An umbrella is enough as mostly only slight drizzles occur during the monsoon.

Best time to Visit

Jowai can be visited any time of the year however winters and monsoons are ideal for vacations. Monsoon enhances the scenic beauty of the region and the grayish clouds add to the charm of this hill station. Winters cool the environment down and refresh the air. Long outdoor walks are enjoyable during this season in Jowai. Summers may get bright sunlight and heat. It is advisable to remain hydrated during the summers while in Jowai.

Attractions/Things To Do

Jowai is vibrant with inherent culture and tourist attractions. There are a multitude of things to do in this place including spending time by the lake to paying respect at the local Durga Temple. Jowai has a multitude of waterbodies amongst which Tyrshi falls is a marvel to behold. It is situated at a close distance to Jowai and sports a bridge on the base shaped like an arch. The base of the waterfall beholds an amazing view of the Rice Valley. Durga Temple is a revered religious site where locals go to worship the Hindu deity. The temple was reconstructed atop an earlier existing Khasi complex that was constructed with a temporary roof. The Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake is a fine example of natural beauty. There is a side-walk constructed on the periphery of the lake for tourists to take a leisurely stroll. The local boatmen offer boat rides across the length of the lake for a nominal fee. There is a Pitcher plant shaped fountain installed at the center of this lake which adds to its beauty.

How To Reach

Jowai can be accessed via flights through Guwahati. Gopinath Bordoloi Airport is located in Guwahati. A taxi or state bus can be availed from the airport till Jowai. The trip form Guwahati would take a total of three hours. Besides Guwahati, Shilong airport is also an option. The nearest railway station to Jowai is also in Guwahati. Trains from all over the country move to and fro here. Meghalaya State Road Transport Corporation buses come regularly to Jowai on a daily basis. The busses connect Jowai with other neighboring towns including Garampani and Khanduli.

Distance From Major Cities

  • Dispur – 152
  • Guwahati – 161 km
  • Kohima – 326 km
  • Darjeeling – 657 km
  • Kolkata – 1146 km
  • Lucknow – 1489 km
  • Agra – 1851 km
  • Dehradun – 2028 km
  • Delhi – 2048 km
  • Jaipur – 2093 km
  • Mumbai – 2814 km

Accessibility And Accommodation

The Meghalaya Tourism body of the Meghalaya Government has allotted several guest lodges in Jowai. These lodges are well equipped with all amenities and are comfortable. Other guest houses and hotels can also be found in abundance around the town. The accommodations can be pre-booked or availed on the spot.

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