Top 5 Places to Visit in Jowai

Jowai is one of the most important commercial centres in the state of Meghalaya and it is also becoming an educational hub, with students coming even from Bangladesh and neighboring states to the district for studies. Jowai is blessed with scenic beauty as it is situated on a plateau, and is bound by the Myntdu river on three sides. It also has a pleasant climate owing to its location at a 1380 metres above sea level. Thus, the summers too are pleasant as it does not get too hot and winters are chilly. Which is why Jowai is fast gaining popularity as a tourist destination.

There are many places of interest in Jowai but of all those, there are five places which should be in your must-visit list owing to the variety of experiences these places offer to tourists.

1. Syntu Ksiar

Syntu Ksiar is a vast stretch of land that lies on the banks of the Myntdu river. It is a scenic place and popular as a picnic spot. Syntu Ksiar literally means ‘the flower of gold’ and it just might’ve earned this name due to the scenic surroundings amidst which the place is located. It is also famous as the centre of freedom struggle. A memorial has been erected in memory of freedom fighter Kiang Nongbah, who led an uprising against the British. He was hanged to death on December 30, 1862 in Jowai town.

2. Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake

It is also a picnic spot but with a different and a unique feature that only few places in the country can boast of. As the name suggests, Jarain Pitcher plant lake is a place that has many pitcher plants, which are the unique carnivorous plants. These plants are planted over an area of 50,000 sq.m. To see the vast vegetation of pitcher plants is really an exciting and pleasing experience. To add to the beauty of the place, footpaths and arch bridges have been constructed. Another attraction is a fountain in the middle of the lake that has been built in the shape of a pitcher plant. Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride in the lake. It is not in all places that you will be able to see a vast vegetation of carnivorous pitcher plants. That is why this spot is a must-visit place in Jowai in Meghalaya.

 3. Nartiang Monoliths

Nartiang Monoliths is one of the main monuments in India and has national importance. It has several stunning megaliths, one of which is around 27 feet high and 7 feet wide. Some are believed to be of pre-historic times. While visiting Nartiang, not only do you get to witness one of the most important ancient structures in the country, you can also visit the famous weekly market here. There is also a Hindu temple in the vicinity.

4. Lalong Park

The main attraction of Lalong park is the sacred groves, which is quite a sight. It is also important in terms of ecological importance. Another reason to visit Lalong park is that from here, visitors are able to get an amazing view of the beautiful Pynthorwah valley, which overlooks the park. With a vision of making Lalong park a major tourist destination, a water eco-park is being developed here.

5. Tyrshi Falls

Photo (Cropped) by Kinshuk Kashyap, CC BY 2.0

Tyrshi falls is situated on national highway 44 on Shillong-Jowai road and is a beautiful waterfall. It is just 5 km from Jowai and is famously known as Jowai’s answer to Shillong’s Elephant falls. There is an arch bridge that takes visitors to the falls. You can enjoy a great view of the Pynthor Nein which is a vast rice valley.

Jowai is also known as a heritage district due to its tribal culture. Visitors thus also get a chance to know the traditional tribal culture of Jowai and also enjoy the festivals and dances of the tribals. It can be visited both during summer and winter seasons. It is also a great place for shopping for handicrafts and tribal arts and items. To reach Jowai, you will have to get down at Guwahati railway station, which is 160 km from Jowai, as there are no railways in Meghalaya, though it can be accessed by road.

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