Top 5 Places to Visit in Tura

In the western part of Meghalaya, India, the Garo hills reign the region with the richness and mystery of dense forest and wildlife. The headquarter of Western Garo is Tura, a place shrouded with the fragrance of mountain and greenery. Tura town is guarded by the Tura peak. It is the second largest town of Meghalaya after Shillong. Below we mention five must-visit places in Tura, Meghalaya.

1. Nokrek National Park and Balpakram National Park

Just two km distant from the Tura Peak, the Nokrek National Park is the house of a rich biodiversity. A very rare species of citrus fruit is found in here. To preserve the species, world’s first gene sanctuary has been built up here.

In  Nokrek National park one can see the Red Panda, an endangered species. There are also different species of wild cats, like marble cats, and even the Tiger. It also houses the Asian Elephant.

The Balpakram National Park is another heaven for wildlife. In Balpakram National Park one can see Elephants, Barking Deer, Sambhar Deer, Leopards, Tiger, Elephant, Black Deer and many other wild animals.

2. Tura Peak

872 m above the sea level, the Tura peak overlooks the town of Tura. Locals believe the peak to be a pious guard of the town and the home of God. Previously known as Dura, Tura got its present name from the wrong pronunciation of the British.

The stretch of green on the Tura peak has been announced a Reserve Forest. There is also an observatory. Cinchona farming is a prime activity of the place. There is a Forest Bungalow in the vicinity.

Tura peak offers a panoramic view of the Lower Brahmaputra Valley. And most excitingly, one can also see the golden fields of Bangladesh. A track was built up here by the British to comfortably reach to the top.

3. Siju Caves, Siju Bird Sanctuary

The Siju cave in the Garo hills are a unique creation of nature; they have wonderful limestone formations. It is one of the longest cave line in India and till date, the end of the cave is unexplored! As it houses a number of bats, it is called ‘dabokhol’, meaning the ‘bat cave’.

Siju Bird Sanctuary is close to the Simsang river. It is the house of a big variety of birds and some of them are rare and protected species. The Peacock Pheasant is one such rare specie; the Siberian Ducks are there among the migratory birds which come here during the winter. The best time to visit this sanctuary is from November to March.

4. Pelga Falls

The beautiful, lively and enchanting Pelga falls are located at a distance of 7 Km from Tura. The serene beauty makes it a lovely picnic spot and also a hot-spot for angling. The Tourism Department has developed a footpath and a viewpoint here. It is exciting to see the Bamboo Bridge over the Ganol River.

5. Sasatgre Village

At the base of the Nokrek Peak, the calm Sasatgre village lies amidst the soothing essence of oranges. The village is known for its orange farming and is covered with lush orange bushes everywhere. Visit this place to calm your nerves with the soothing balm of nature’s beauty.

So, you must explore these five spots while visiting Tura, Meghalaya to unfold the mysteries of nature right before your eyes.

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