Vitthala Temple, Hampi

Built in the 15th century and one of the most extravagant pieces of architecture you will ever witness, the temple is dedicated to “Vitthala” a form of the Hindu deity Vishnu. The temple complex itself houses various other temples and pavilions, the major attractions that you must marvel at are the stone chariot or the ‘ratha’ which is placed in front of the temple entrance, it is among the 3 famous stone chariots in India, the wheels could be rotated but the recent archaeological restorations had them cemented to avoid damage caused by the visitors.

Photo by nevil zaveri, CC BY 2.0 

Another major attraction is the 7 pillared halls, which features 7 pillars which represent a musical note and emanate the 7 musical notes when stuck and are built around the main pillar which support this structure. The 7 pillars represent 7 different musical instruments and make the respective sound of the instrument they represent when struck, it is however a mystery as to how the sound is made as even after being cut by the British before Indian independence. The temple also contains the images of foreigners like Persians selling horses.

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