The Best Time to Visit Puri

Seat to the Jagannath, Puri is not only a place for pilgrims. Mingling history and religion, Puri is famed for its illustrious Rath Yatra which was highlighted ever since its inception and witnesses a great deal of flocking of devotees and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Photo (Cropped) by ASIM CHAUDHURI, CC BY 2.0
MonthsConditionsOur Recommendation
March to MayScorching heatExploring the city can pose a threat because of the heat waves.
June to SeptemberMedium to heavy rainfallsNot perfect if you are into sight-seeing and exploring
November to FebruaryComparatively pleasant climate.Comparatively the best time to pay a visit to Puri

Weather Conditions

The heat waves in Puri are scorching and are not generally preferred for sightseeing. Come, winter and Puri transforms into a pleasant atmosphere which is apt for tourists to escape from the blazing heat waves and raging monsoon showers. The temple complexes and the main festivities like the Jagannath Temple Ratha Yathra and the annual Beach festival makes Puri, a place interesting for tourists. Here are some sights not to be missed while you are at Puri.

How to Reach Puri?

Accessed by air from the Biju Patnaik International Airport is only a mere 60 kms away and does not pose a problem of accessibility. Taxis and buses are easily availed from the airport which can take you to the city of Puri. The Puri Railway Station directly connects trains from all the major cities in the country and sure is easily reachable.

Puri India
Photo (Cropped) by ASIM CHAUDHURI, CC BY 2.0

What to See and Do in Puri?

  • Jagannath Temple

This Vaishnava pilgrim centre in Puri, is one of the Char Dham of Hindu religious belief. Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra form the supreme deities of this ancient shrine. A very notorious, yet famed event relating to the Puri Temple, which has been an intrigue for all is the massive Rath Yathra. This event famed for its altruism and traditional antiquity witness the flocking of people from all over the world. This festival of chariots serves as a pilgrim harbour for Hinduism and is also a wonderful place for some sightseeing.

  • Puri Beach

This golden beach billets the famed five day annual Puri Beach Festival, which normally takes place in the month of November. Right from international cuisines to the local favourite of Pau Bhaji, the tastes of Puri is to be savoured here. The Beach also sets stage to grand fashion shows, exhibitions on the art and cultural legacy of Orissa and dance performance s which add that extra zest to the already beaming aura of Puri which makes it a festival not to be missed.

  • Chilika Lake

If you have had your fair share of temples, then head out to the Chilika Lake which stretches across the land. With history and beauty coupled in harmony enjoy the quiet charming benevolence of this Holy City. Walk along the banks of the Chilika River or head out to the Chilika Bird Sanctuary which harbours a wide variety of birds along with preserving the natural flora and fauna.

  • Chakra Tirtha

The myth surrounding the temple is of great antiquity. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu’s divine weapon- Sudarshan Chakra, in a violent storm was displaced from its original abode and as if bowing to a divine will, the weapon placed itself in Chakra Tirtha just, a few kilometres away from the Puri Jagannath Temple. Identical to the Puri temple, the deities are Balabhadrarama, Subhadra and the playful Krishna who reside here, in eternal grace.

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