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Lying on the eastern coastline of India, Paradeep is known for being an important port of the country. Being famous for its pristine beaches and the lush green forest covers make the place a picturesque destination. Paradeep is basically an estuary of the Mahanadi that meets the Mahanadi at the Paradeep Port and merges with the Bay of Bengal eventually bidding adieu to the creeks, beaches, islands and the evergreen forests. Paradeep is a place where one can romance with the nature and hence makes it a perfect place for the couples. People from the nearby metro cities flock here for weekends as the place offers a calm and composure that the place offers. Enlisted here are top five places that are a must visit when in Paradeep.

1. Paradeep Port

Paradeep Port apart from being a commercial port is also famous amongst the visitors of Paradeep. With the marine activities that are carried at the bay and the cargos and ships that could be seen disappearing in the sea, Paradeep Port is one of the most picturesque destinations on the Eastern Indian coastline. A little ahead of the Paradeep Port is the Paradeep Beach. The beach is at the confluence of the estuary of Paradeep and Mahanadi that flows and merges with the Bay of Bengal eventually leaving the traces of the land and its activities behind. Paradeep Beach is famous for its serenity which is untouched and quietly romancing with the nature.

2. Jhankad Temple

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Jhankad Temple is dedicated to Goddess Sarala, an avatar of Goddess Saraswati and is known to be the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge. The temple is famous for being closely related to Sarala das, an Oriya Poet who wrote the Oriya Mahabharata. Devotees from all over the state visit the temple on day to day basis as it holds a lot of importance in the state. The temple is also famous for being associated with the festivals like Parbana, Pana Sankranti, Chandan Jatra, Sharadiya Utsav and Dola Purnima.

3. Gahirmatha Beach

Known for being a home to the Olive Ridley sea turtles, Gahirmatha beach is the separating line between the Bhitarnatika National Park and the Bay of Bengal. A part of the Gahirmatha Beach is also included in the National Park region. The beach stretches for about 35 kms and white crocodiles are also an easy spot here. The clear waters of the Bay of Bengal make the beach more magnificent and leave a deep impact on its visitors. Since the beach is the natural hatching spot for the Olive Ridley sea turtles, hence it has become an important spot for the turtle conservation.

4. Bhitarkanika National Park

Sprawling in an area of 672 sq km, Bhitarkanika National Park is located in the Kendrapara District in Orissa and was declared to be a wildlife sanctuary in September 1998. The National park has varied biodiversity both in its flora and fauna. The flora mainly contains of the mangroves and has some special plants like the casuarinas, sundari and thespian along with indigo bushes amongst many others. The National Park is famous for its Saltwater Crocodiles and is also home to animals like white crocodile, black ibis, water monitor lizard rhesus monkeys, chitals, wild pigs, cobra, darters and the Indian python. The place also has a rich avifauna as the number of species exceeds 200. The National Park is a spectacular treat to any wildlife lover.

5. Balaramjew Temple

Spreading in an area of about two acres of land, Balaramjew Temple is one of the most beautiful temples of the state. With Lord Balaram as the presiding deity of the temple, the idols of Subhadra and Jagaannath are also worshipped here in the temple. Interestingly the temple also worships Tulasi as a goddess in its idol form which is seated after seven sacred steps. The temple has a beautiful garden which is enclosed by a 14 meter high boundary on all sides.

Paradeep is not only famous for its port or beaches but also is dotted with a lot of temples that are worshipped by the people across India. Being on the edge of the Bay of Bengal, the place has an unmatched beauty that could only be experienced.

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