Top 15 Homestays in Madikeri

Relaxing breeze, daunting heights and a plethora of natural treats, Madikeri is ready to be your new favourite hill station. In the state of Karnataka, people from all over the country visit this picturesque town. In awe of its beauty, it is only natural to desire one’s own home within its tranquil environment.

Numerous home stays in Madikeri fulfil this wish flawlessly.

Home stays are a convenient option for those travelling with friends or alone to rent a place for a few days, without splurging on the luxury hotels. Get a home away from home with the beautiful backdrop of Madikeri for a rejuvenating experience in south India.

1. Udaya Homestay

Udaya Homestay
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This cottage with a luxurious garden will give you the impression of you owning your private bungalow in Madikeri. Beautiful bedrooms, comfortable beds and a hammock in your very own garden, the luxuries of life are bestowed on you at this homestay. Udaya Homestay even has a kitchen, a fireplace and a living area to cater to all your comforts.

2. Coffee Cottage Homestay

Coffee Cottage Homestay
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Suited for large groups and even families, this three-bedroom cottage is located on the outskirts of Madikeri. Nestled in picturesque hills and within the intoxicating smell of coffee, Coffee Cottage Homestay is an ideal spot to relax and slumber for days. One can enjoy beautiful walks in the gardens and come back home to cook up a delicious meal in their state of the art kitchen.

3. Coorg JK Homestay

Coorg JK Homestay
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Right in the core of the town is the Coorg JK homestay, whose proximity to tourist spots make it an ideal location to stay. The place has everything, from cable TV to well furnished rooms to gorgeous environs. The hill station acting as a backdrop against which you cook can be a truly rewarding experience. A stay in the beautiful bungalow will be a memorable experience for you in Madikeri.

4. Four Seasons Homestay

Four Seasons Homestay
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A delightful stay awaits you at the four seasons homestay in Madikeri. The bungalow will leave you thoroughly satisfied with modern amenities, parking spaces, lavish rooms with attached balconies, so you can gaze at the glorious surroundings at your leisure. Four Seasons Homestay will keep you replenished to tour the beautiful city.

5. Mitra Homestay

Mitra Homestay
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The Mitra Homestay is located quite near to all tourist locations in Madikeri, adding to list of the reasons on why you should stay at this place. Besides its tempting location, the beautiful patio with a cozy seating will give you a very homely feeling. The place has relaxing bedrooms with world class amenities at your service. A manicured garden right in your backyard is a wonderful sight that mitra homestay provides to its guests.

6. Dhanush Homestay

Dhanush Homestay
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A comfortable option for those looking to rest in the lap of nature, Dhanush Homestay is the humble abode of travellers. The place has access to cable TV and provides delicious, authentic south Indian food that is cooked with the same warmth as the one at home. The bedrooms are cozy and well maintained and the place also has private parking.

7. Coorg Rahul Villa

Coorg Rahul Villa
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A convenient option for adventurers and travellers, this home stay is a well maintained and clean villa. Coorg Rahul Villa can accommodate up to nine members and has a comfortable living area. The food is made to order and is cooked with warmth and excellent culinary skill. It is quite close to tourist spots in Madikeri.

8. Flora Deluxe

Flora Deluxe
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A lovely arrangement for travellers, Flora Deluxe is a delightful home stay. The place has all the amenities you may need to make your stay a memorable one. From comfortable bedrooms to wonderful dinning areas, the place will keep you thoroughly satisfied. At your service is also a private garden, where you can enjoy peaceful evenings with the beckoning nature.

9. Tranquil Serenity

Tranquil Serenity
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Living up to its name, Tranquil Serenity is a lovely place to stay in Madikeri. This exquisite home stay has three bedrooms with an attached bathroom. The homestay even has a balcony and terrace to make your stay even more refreshing. Home cooked meals with a sprinkle of love prove to be a remarkable feature of this home stay. Enjoy this lovely accommodation at humble prices.

10. Leisure Vacations Copper Hill Villa

Leisure Vacations Copper Hill Villa
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A homestay that blends so intricately with the surroundings that one feels like one is camping in the wilderness, such is the aura of the Copper hill villa. This white bungalow has a beautifully landscaped garden, that is well maintained and clean. The six bedrooms are fitted with all the modern amenities one may need. The bungalow has a terrace and a balcony to offer unobstructed views of the lovely environs. For the true nature lovers, Leisure Vacations Copper Hill Villa even has a dinning facility in the outdoors.

11. Coorg Nest

Coorg Nest
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A fantastic home stay in Madikeri, Coorg Nest provides a hospitable environment to its guests. The place has a luxurious bedroom seating with a living and a dinning area. The terrace is your key hole into the glorious hill town of Madikeri. Be mesmerized by the peaceful nature and the homely stay at Coorg Nest.

12. The Hornet Nest

The Hornet Nest
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The Hornet Nest is a comfortable hone stay option in Madikeri. Offering cozy beds, internet access and access to the sprawling nature, this place is a flawless alternative against the luxury hotels. It is located quite close to the Cauvery river, where you can enjoy a delightful evening of fishing, only to return to the comforting environment of your home stay.

13. Thelma Studios

Thelma Studios
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A family friendly homestay, Thelma studios is cozy personified. Here you can find a beautifully constructed bungalow, with authentic Coorg architecture. The home stay has private parking to give you amble security for your vehicle. The lovely view of the hills is enable by the terrace and the garden. It is extremely close by to some popular sightseeing spots, so after a well rested stay in their rooms, you can drive by comfortably to witness Madikeri’s beautiful sights.

14. Orchid Villa

Orchid Villa
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The orchid villa in Madikeri is a calm and peaceful home stay, that will rejuvenate your senses from the very first day. A jewel in this Coorg town, the home stay is sufficiently supplied with all the requirements of a comfortable stay. The place has two beautiful bedrooms and a living area, with the terrace as an added advantage, enabling generous views of the hills. Have a cozy, clean and charming stay at the Orchid Villa homestay.

15. Amba Vilas

Amba Vilas
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A lovely two-bedroom villa in Madikeri, Amba Vilas serves the dual purpose of luxury and comforts for its visitors. The lip smacking meals prepared, are touched with the authentic taste of Coorg. Enjoy a peaceful stay at Madikeri by rejuvenating yourself in this humble abode.

Madikeri is a lively hill station that will keep you refreshed and stimulated throughout your trip. To keep yourself comforted, stay in any of these wonderful home stays for a unique experience.

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