The Best Time to Visit Madikeri

Madikeri is a small hill station in Karnataka. The hill station is drained by the Kaveri river resulting in the place having an abundant natural bounty. The town is framed by the Western Ghats, that stand tall and proud. The area is famous for its coffee and tea plantations. People visiting the area always come back with coffee specimens from the region. The region is famous for its lush green valleys and many beautiful waterfalls and mountain peaks. The splendour of nature is uncaptured here in every niche.

Photo by Navin Sigamany, CC BY 2.0

How to Reach

There are no direct trains or airports in the region. Though the region is well connected via roads. There are daily buses to Madikeri. Tourists can also hire taxis to complete the journey.

  • By Air: The closest airports are in Mangalore and Mysore that are about hundred kilometres away from Madikeri.
  • By Train: The closest railway station is in Kannur. There are many trains that frequent the Kannur railway station. From Kannur, reaching Madikeri is manageable and easy.

Best Time to Visit

Th best time to visit the hill station would be in summers, to get a respite from the scorching heat. Though the area is a perennial beauty and can be visited any time of the year.

During the monsoon season, the area becomes especially alluring. The smell of wet soil is intermixed with the aroma of coffee. The mornings are misty and the nights are chilly. The whole atmosphere is serene and tranquil.

Months         Conditions   Our Recommendation
March to JuneBest time to visit Medikeri as the climate remains cool and pleasant.Popular Tourist Season
October to FebruaryWinters in Medikeri are lovely, the ambience is nice. You will surely enjoy this place with your loved ones.Ideal Time


July to SeptemberMonsoon season is less preferred by most of the tourist so, if you are planning to visit you will get good discounts.Off Season


Madikeri India
Photo by smerikal, CC BY-SA 2.0

Places to Visit

  • Raja’s Seat was built by the Kings of Kodagu as a leisurely retreat. The hilltop gardens overlook the cliffs and forests. The place has a view fit for the kings. The most enamouring of all the spectacles are the ones of sunset and sunrise, where the sky is draped in hues of red.
  • Omkareshwara Temple is a temple of lord Shiva with a beautiful amalgamation of Hindu and Islamic architecture. The story of the construction of the temple is as interesting as the structure itself. The tale revolves around angry Brahman spirits and strong political ambitions. I reckon it would be an interesting conversation to have with the locals.
  • Dubare Elephant Camp has special elephant training. The tourists can enjoy long elephant rides to the surrounding forest and experience wilderness, from atop a magnanimous beast.
  • There are many waterfalls in the region. They make the region ideal for trekking. The area has many trekking tracks that have been visited by only a few people. The more hands-on way to enjoy the splendour of nature is on foot. The tracks here provide you with that opportunity.

The trip is sure to relax and unwind you. This is a perfect weekend getaway from your hectic schedule. What is best is that you do not have to plan excessively for this trip. This can be one of those trips where you decide to just up and leave on a moment’s notice.

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