Top 15 Homestays in Madikeri

Udaya Homestay

Relaxing breeze, daunting heights and a plethora of natural treats, Madikeri is ready to be your new favourite hill station. In the state of Karnataka, people from all over the country visit this picturesque town. In awe of its beauty, it is only natural to desire one’s own home within its tranquil environment.

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The Best Time to Visit Madikeri


Madikeri is a small hill station in Karnataka. The hill station is drained by the Kaveri river resulting in the place having an abundant natural bounty. The town is framed by the Western Ghats, that stand tall and proud. The area is famous for its coffee and tea plantations. People visiting the area always come back with coffee specimens from the region. The region is famous for its lush green valleys and many beautiful waterfalls and mountain peaks. The splendour of nature is uncaptured here in every niche.

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10 Resorts for an Indelible Stay in Madikeri

Kadkani River Resort

Madikeri or Mercara, as it is known, is a hill town situated in the famous Coorg district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Madikeri’s calm and relaxing atmosphere has to be experienced to be understood fully as this beautiful hill town is a culmination of a number of experiences that cannot be revisited elsewhere.

Because of its strong ties with history, Madikeri remains largely true to its roots with the local customs, traditions, cuisine, and architecture. The historical sites at Madikeri provide a peek into the times bygone and the kingdoms of the past. The Madikeri Fort and Raja’s Seat are must visit for their historical significance as well as the stunning beauty around them that pleases the aesthetically inclined.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Madikeri

Karnataka is one of the beautiful south Indian states in India. There are many places worth visiting in Karnataka. In fact, each district of the state has some or the other beautiful places each with historical or geographical significance. One such place in the state is Madikeri, the headquarters of Coorg, another popular tourist spot. A hill station, Madikeri is located close to Mangalore and Mysore. Earlier, Madikeri was called as Muddu raja keri, after Mudduraja, who ruled the region from 1633-1647. There are many places worth visiting in Madikeri but below are the top 5 beautiful places that are a must visit in Madikeri.

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